Reasoning Quiz on Puzzles for NICL & BOB Exams

Dear readers,

In Banking and Insurance exams, ten to fifteen questions are generally asked from this topic in the Reasoning section. So we are presenting you a quiz on the Puzzles topic, which will be helpful in your preparation. Please solve the quiz and try to give your answers in comment section. Soon, we will publish the correct answers.

Directions (1-5): Read the following information and answer
the questions given below it.

Six friends Abhishek, Deepak, Mridul, Pritam,
Ranjan and Salil married within a year in the months of February, April, July, September,
November and December and in the cities of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai,
Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata but not necessarily following the above order.

The bride’s names were Geetika,
Jasmine, Hema, Brinda, Ipsita, and Veena but not necessarily following the same
order. The following are some facts about their weddings.

1. Mridul’s wedding took place in
Chennai; however he was not married to Geetika or Veena.

2. Abhishek’s wedding took place
in Ahmedabad and Ranjan’s in Delhi; however neither of them got married to Jasmine
or Brinda.

3. The wedding in Kolkata took
place in February.

4. Hema’s wedding took place in
April, but not in Ahmedabad.

5. Geetika and Ipsita got married
in February and November and in Chennai and Kolkata but not in the same order.

6. Pritam visited Bengaluru and
Kolkata only after his marriage in December.

7. Salil was married to Jasmine
in September.

1. Hema’s husband is:

(1) Abhishek

(2) Deepak

(3) Ranjan

(4) Pritam

(5) Mridul

2. Deepak’s wedding took place in:

(1) Bengaluru

(2) Mumbai

(3) Kolkata

(4) Delhi

(5) Chennai

3. In Mumbai, the wedding of one of the friends
took place in the month of:

(1) April

(2) September

(3) November

(4) December

(5) July

4. Salil’s wedding was held in:

(1) Bengaluru

(2) Chennai

(3) Kolkata

(4) Delhi

(5) Mumbai

5. Which among the following is correct in respect
of wedding month, place, friend’s and bride’s?

(1) February – Delhi, Deepak – Geetika

(2) July – Chennai – Salil – Jasmine

(3) December – Mumbai – Pritam – Veena

(4) November – Chennai – Mridul – Ipsita

(5) All are correct


1 (3)   2 (3)  
3 (4)   4 (1)  5 (4)


Feb – Kolkata – Deepak – Geetika

April – Delhi – Ranjan – Hema

July – Ahmedabad – Abhishek – Veena

September – Bengaluru – Salil – Jasmine

Nov – Chennai – Mridul – Ipsita

Dec – Mumbai – Pritam, Brinda

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