Sunstone Business School Convocation : Part-2

…continued from Part-1

Is there any change in your work quality?

Jasdip: Undoubtedly! I am able to deliver much more in the same amount of time by following the various techniques that I learnt at Sunstone. Being in a customer centric role I have realized that the quality of my presentations have greatly increased over the last one year.

Avneet: I have become more systematic in my office work and in personal life. I am more confident in presentation skills and I have got applauds for the same many times in office. I am more aware of what I am doing now, where I fit in the bigger picture, and how my goals are aligned to my current organisation.

What is your advice for current students?


a. Start doing SWOT about yourself and realise your interests and aspirations if not done yet.

b. Do not wait for faculty to spoon feed you. It’s your career and become CEO of your own career.

c.If you are not clear about what you want to achieve, then try getting internships . Sunstone team will arrange those assignments for you easily.

Jasdip: Be inquisitive and ask as many questions as possible. The faculty and management team at Sunstone is always there to help you out.

Pankaj Garg: I would advise students to utilize the opportunity to learn as much as possible. Be it from faculty or your peers or from your alumni. There will be a whole lot of simple tools such as 2 by 2 metrics, SWOT analysis, top down approach, storylining, networking etc which may look too trivial at the moment but they will be very handy in your business roles.

What is your vision for your future?

Avneet: I feel confident and I will experiment with my career for next 2-3 years a lot. I am ready to take this calculated risk because I feel I have the glimpse of different roles now and I understand the challenges that will be coming my way. Also I feel I have mentoring and support of my faculty and counsellors at Sunstone with me , I can ask for advice if I feel lost.

Pankaj Garg: I have successfully transitioned from tech role to Product manager role. My aim is to move to chief product manager and then the CXO roles. I am on that path and I will reach there.

Anupam: I am in mobile gaming industry and my vision currently is to focus on just that. I want to create a mark in this and I am doing on that track!

Jasdip: I want to start on my own, provide a niche offering in crowd analytics, I want to focus on international market while having an offshore team in India. Wish me luck!

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Gaganpreet Siddharta

Gaganpreet is a program manager with Sunstone Business School. She takes care of Alumni relations and admissions for prospective students.

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