Students conduct survey to formalise Inter IIT Tech Meet

Students across 23 IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) have come together to formalise an Inter IIT Tech Meet. For the last four years, IITians were organising the Inter IIT Tech Meet unofficially by clubbing it with cultural festivals. 

IIT Madras and IIT Kharagpur (Kgp) have collectively started an online survey, asking all IITians to share their views about having an ‘Inter IIT Tech Meet’. They will submit the survey details to the IIT Directors, who are expected to discuss the matter at the Pan IIT Director’s meet, which is scheduled to take place before December 12, 2016. If approved, the Tech Meet will be organised in the month of December next year onwards, like the Inter IIT Sports Meet. 

Just like the Sports counterpart, the Tech Meet will focus on bringing IITians together to ponder upon vivid problems and come up with solutions, and to increase the technology output to get international recognition. Yash Bajaj, General Secretary – Technology, IIT Kgp, said, “Newer IITs are more keen to have an Inter IIT Tech Meet, as they will get a platform for mutual interaction with students across IITs.”

In 2012, IIT Bombay organised the first Inter IIT Tech Meet, followed by IIT Delhi in 2013, IIT Kgp in 2014, and IIT Mandi in 2015. This year, since none of the IITs initiated, there will be no Inter IIT Tech Meet. 

Visit here to take the survey.