4 Days to CAT: PaGaLGuY song of the day is…

Hey people! So how did you like our first song post – Ratta Maar, yesterday? Motivated enough? Well, a tad bit, I’m sure. For those of you, who somehow missed it, you can read our post and listen to the song here.

Anyway, let’s talk about the second song in our series, which is Hakuna Matata. I’m sure you’ll have all heard this one, from Lion King. If you haven’t, well we have one question for you – How long has that head of yours been inside that book! (Yes we are totally judging you!)

Translated from Swahili, it quite literally means ‘no worries for the rest of your days’. Don’t give us that – ‘if only real life lived up to the expectations of a meerkat named Timon and a warthog named Pumba, our lives would all be free of worries’ – response. It’s only an exam, not a life and death situation. If they could convince a Lion to eat insects, we believe, we can convince you to take life, let alone this exam, a little lightly. So sit back, relax and calm your nerves and listen to Hakuna Matata – for it’s a problem free philosophy!!

Watch out this space for more such songs till the D-Day and stay tuned for PaGaLGuY’s live CAT updates of the exam on December 4. Leave a comment with your favourite song of the day..