Student Speaks : BIMTECH Really Taught Me the Biggest Lesson of Life

“BIMTECH really taught me the biggest lesson of life i.e. a person needs to change roles quickly to grow in an organization.”

Lipika Ghosh      


in Invesco Ltd.

Ltd. is an American Independent Investment Management Company that is headquartered
in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and has branch offices in 20 countries
including India)

Offered: 11.3 LPA


I started my
BIMTECH Journey with eyes full of big dreams and heart full of anxiety. Tears
rolled down my eyes when my parents left me at BIMTECH and that day I decided I
will leave BIMTECH with tears of happiness, good memories and a sense of achievement.
I took responsibilities of Food Conduit as well as Economics club of BIMTECH
and managing these clubs along with studies was really difficult for me. I saw
students running after marks but this did not stop me to run after perfection.
Perfection in whatever I do, be it doing group projects, organizing an event,
learning new concepts, attending seminars etc. The intensity of PGDM Program
ranging from academic excellence to international exposure and rich cultural
diversity have prepared me to manage stressful situations and how to be strong
in high pressure environment.

played many roles together. At one moment I was playing the role of an
Organizer, the next moment I was playing the role of a Participant, a Team
Player, and an Orator. Thus BIMTECH really taught me the biggest lesson of life
i.e. a person needs to change roles quickly to grow in an organization.

committed in whatever you choose is very difficult as in a B- School you have
to manage several things together. Some give highest priority to studies, some
to extra-curricular and some to their friends but for me there was no choice as
I always tried to give my 100% in whatever I did at BIMTECH. For me commitment
really meant much more. Curiosity lead me throughout my journey, willingness to
learn supported me at every moment, relations helped me in gathering all the
courage I had, self-confidence helped me in having faith in myself when no one
had. Summer internship was another experience. I got to know of my true abilities
and my strengths. I completely devoted myself towards my career, pushed all my
limits and grabbed all the opportunities coming in my pathways.

The most
challenging time of my life came during placement season where I was determined
about the field I wanted to make my career in. With all the Patience,
Perseverance, Hard Work and Confidence I continued my journey. Finally by the
grace of God and support of all my friends and family and most importantly the
faculties who really supported me at every phase of my life at BIMTECH, I got
my dream profile and was able to grab a good placement package. My journey is a
journey of a simple girl who always believed in her dreams, had faith on
herself, learned from the criticism she faced, learned from the failures she
had. I always starved for learnings from each and every moment of my life.

really brought that tear of happiness, memories and achievements which I really
prayed for on the first day not only in my eyes but also in my parent’s eyes.
When I see my faculties being proud of me, my friends cheering for me, my
relatives praising me that is the time I feel accomplished and what can be the
biggest achievement anyone can dream for than this.


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