How Do You Rate Ratan Tata?

CAT OA Score: 97.29

QA: 93.45 ; VA: 97.07 ; LRDI: 94.43

Profile: X – 84% ; XII – 82.80% ; B.Tech – 76.50%

Work Ex – 23 Months (TCS)

MDI WAT-GD-PI Experience – 24 Feb – 9 am slot

We were assembled in a class and documents were verified. Then, at 9:45 we were sent to our respective panels for WAT & GD

WAT Topic – India needs to focus more on Social Sector than on Defence sector. (10 mins to write) Then GD for 15 mins on the same topic.

My take – Was second to enter in the GD..Gave a balanced viewpoint between both defence & social sector..Why India’s defence budget is justified. Told why social sector also needs to be improved..Gave examples of latest health inclusion schemes..Agriculture welfare schemes etc..was a good gd..not a fish market with good points by every candidate.


P1-a lady in 40s

P2-HOD of Strategy – sir in 50s

Time : 20-25 mins

P1: What does ur name means and how does it relates to u? Meanwhile P2 was looking at some documents and noting down something..possibly was evaluating my WAT

P1: Where are you working?

Me: Told working at TCS..Explained about my role and work profile..explained how it contributes to my client.

P1 cuts in between.

P1:  How do u think Indian IT sector has a role in Indian economy. How it contributes to its growth?

Me: Explained about how IT sector is a major contributor to dollar inflows and how India is leading in services sector.

P1: What is d share of IT sector in Indian Economy??

Me: close to 60%..not sure though.

P1: Do u think that Govt needs IT?

Me: yes, explained how TCS transformed entire Passport Seva, how it is managing Home Ministry IT dept. And how v r moving towards a digital India.

P1: Candidates prior to u were telling that World Economy is not doing good and as a result Indian Economy is also not doing well.

Me: gave examples on how dey r unrelated on some points eg. Oil crisis is hampering economy of OPEC but is good fr India since we import 80% of oil demand.

P1: explain how china devaluation is affecting Indian Automobile Industry. Me: Gave example of Tata motors that China is a big market for Tata motors and how a slowdown is affecting its business.

P1: What is India’s GDP and what is any other economy growth measure?

Me: gave answers for gdp ques but told not sure abt d other measures.

P1(smiled): Ok..I will now take u to a different area. Tell me whom between Rama and Krishna inspire you more?

Me(thought for 5 secs): I admire Krishna more bcz of him being Witty, diplomatic yet down to earth.

P1(laughed): that’s y u r being diplomatic..

Me: No mam..I am not being diplomatic..only trying to be straight forward and truthful.

P1: Ok..Now sir will ask…:P

P2(was listening to every answer and alas..finally left my docs): So, when was TCS established & for what?

Me: 1968 & for punch cards for Tesco. Then he started asking me abt losses Tata motors, TESCO, incurring.

Me: I know abt TCS business and why it is not doing good since past quarters bt not aware of these companies.

P2: Hw do u rate Ratan Tata?

Me: told he is one of the great leaders I admire.

P2: Why?Me: explained how he has started from being a shop floor worker at Tata Steel and how turned around tata business.

P2: What is Tata’s turnover.

Me: told

P2(after thinking): But I have researched abt ratan tata. After he became chairman..every tata company went into losses. Gave examples of tata steel.

Me: tried to defend by telling..How he has turned a loss making jaguar company into a profitable one. Hw acquisitions of Tetley and Jaguar by Tata have worked good.

P2: What is d share of Jaguar in Tata motors sale..???. ?

Me: not sure..but told dat considering purchasing power of Indian household..could be 10-20% only.

P2: yeah ..but many other Tata companies were in losses.

Me: told dat I do not only judge a business just by profit nd loss..but ratan tata apart from dis has made a significant change in Indian lives.

P2: den u should probably join Ramdev.. ?

Me: sir..even he is heading a fastest growing FMCG right now ?

Both laughed..

P2: how Ratan Tata has changed lives?

Me: Nano is one example..which made commute of lower middle income indian..much safer…

P1(suddenly): how much has d accident rate decreased after nano in India?

Me: sorry mam..I do not have figures on dat..but dis what I assume.

P2(laughing): Ok…we had enough…Thank u.

Me(smiling): Is that all sir?..anything else..?? ?

P1(smiling): no..that’s all…thanks…

Me: thank u.. ?

Was not a typical traditional interview..was not asked..abt urslf..why MBA… But tried to respond well to the off d track ques. Overall a good interaction..panel was also nice…!!!