Student Internship Diary : Saurabh Kohli at Maruti Suzuki | LBSIM

Hi my name is Saurabh Kohli. I did my 8 weeks internship at Maruti Suzuki India pvt ltd. New Delhi. The department where I worked was the advertising and marketing department. So the title of my project was to understand the consumer purchase decision of s cross and its imagery so one thing which I realized that the kind of subjects which I have studied at my institute which included marketing management, marketing research, consumer behavior and integrated marketing communications. So the learning of these kind of subjects were actually a lot handy when I applied  the same in my projects therein. My project was oriented towards research wherein I did primary research so the kinds of learning wherein we understood in our MBA college the way we need to interact with the customers the way we need to treat them the instruments we need to interpret their understandings were actually applied in the real world and I understand one thing that these things which are mentioned in books like Kotler are actually very knowledgeable when we go on to apply them in the practical world they give you an experience which actually sets you apart from every MBA student believes that the theoretical knowledge is not applied there in the practical world but when I interacted with my managers they were actually working in a sort of way which is kind of re interpreted in our learning which we get from our MBA colleges so one suggestion for juniors which I would like to give is participate in numerous things which you can at the college level just do not focus on inside classroom learning go outside the classroom explore as much as you can. Try interacting with people this is the time wherein you will get an opportunity to understand things around you. Understanding being a marketing student what I realize is understanding your customer doing what your customer wants and understanding his needs is the most important things and this is what marketing subjects, teachers, professors actually try to teach you so if we just focus on these learnings and go out and apply these learnings to some extent success is actually guaranteed for us.

So my project which involves studying consumer behaviour of s-cross. I actually went to dealerships and interacted with the salesman and relationship managers and also the real customers of s cross who not only bought s cross but also who rejected it. So thus I understood that customers outside come from various backgrounds they come from different cultures and understanding them during one time is very difficult. And one important learning is that this 2 months’ period is very short so we get very short time to prove ourselves as a quality intern or as a quality management student. Thus my suggestion would be not to waste these 2 months outside this is what has been taught to us by our professors as well. There will be occasions in the internship when you will not get quality work and you have to sit idle do not waste that go after your managers go after them run after them to get work similar thing happened with me I have to sit idle for 1st 15 days but I used to jump in to my manager every day and end of the 2 months when I actually presented my work that showed the hard work and quality work I had actually done. So thus go forward do your best college will help you a lot to get the best quality internship which you think you can get. There are numerous opportunities here numerous good quality companies which actually come here they even offer you good stipend. Personally I would say stipend should not be a matter of concern at this point of time what you should focus is just experience some quality environment good people to work with and that would give you a good carrier.