Student Internship Diary : Raghav Mahendra at Blackberry’s Clothing | LBSIM


My name is Raghav Mahendra and I did my internship at blackberry’s clothing. It was in the field of marketing. As a part of my project I did a competitive analysis wherein I was required to travel to Punjab and harayana and find out areas where the competitors were already available but the company was not. So in my project I worked with my snr. Manager who was the regional sales manager as well as other members of the sales team. Also we had a lot of people from other colleges as well so overall it was a great experience there. Few points that I specially remember from my internship is that first of all you have to really understand the way an organisation functions and you have to take care that whenever you are in an internship it is not about you but it is about the company. As far as the students from other colleges are concerned, there is a very good learning experience for all of you and in fact you get to know how other colleges function.

Talking about how my studies helped me in my internships. LBSIM offers you a practical exposure by cases and projects that you do in your class which are very relevant when you are doing your internships. So my project involved things like excel and carrying out actual market research so these things are very essential, what my advice to everyone would be that you should really pay attention to the practical aspects of the things that you do in college rather than focusing on the theoretical things so do not focus solely on marks rather than what you gain out of it is more important for your internships. After coming back to college most of the internships that are offered in our institute cater to very predominantly common areas like sales. I was priviledged enough to do something which was specifically marketing with a slightly financial orientation as well. Keep a look out for opportunities and do not give up in the starting 1 or 2 companies that come. Because your right profile is waiting for you and there is something that you will definitely find something that is going to help you in your long run as well. So keep trying and keep working hard and m sure you will complete whatever you desire to achieve.

So as far as the difference that the kind of projects that you do in college and the kind of projects that are given in the company there is a point of difference that comes. Here you are in a nutshell where you have restricted sources and slightly restricted database to your access. However when you are in your corporate world where do not know what holds next. And once you are actually doing your projects you realise that there is so much to do and so much to learn as apart from what you do in college itself. And also I would like to state that the practical knowledge which I gained during my internship has greatly helped me realise that how such companies function and how relevant it is to understand that different industries have different ways of functioning so you cannot have a mindset of a particular industry and expect the same to apply to all kinds of areas. After having an interaction with students from various areas I realised that my work is different from people who have worked in consulting or pure sales. And also pure financial internship as more advice that I would like to give is that you should be very careful about the kind of future that you see for yourself and decide you majors accordingly because in the end the kind of knowledge that you gain in specific courses in your 2nd year that play a very major role in the kind of knowledge and expertise that you have. And this knowledge and expertise is the very thing that is going to make you stand out from the crowd because right now in the current scenario there are a lot of people who are doing a similar kind of study so once you are clear about your goal and what you want to do that will give you clarity and it is natural that the HR of various companies and the recruiters who come they will notice you for who you are and it is going to benefit you in your future.

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