Student Driven Culture @ SIMSR

What do you look for while selecting a b-school? While most of us focus primarily on rigorous academics, pedagogy, alumni, case study competitions, live projects, networking and a good placement at the end, there is one major factor which most students miss out, and that is a ‘Student Driven Culture’. A campus where students are at the helm of all major activities. I still remember, while going through my list of potential colleges SIMSR ticked through all these checkboxes, but one thing that spoke volumes was its culture. It looked impressive, but little did I know that being in an environment like this would be so fruitful and beneficial.

SIMSR is a college entirely managed by student bodies as far as various activities taking place in the campus are concerned. It consists of over 30 committees spread across the various functions of college. Right from a small event to the annual fest, from admissions to the placements, everything is done and managed by the students.

Core Committees

  • Admission Committee | Placement Committee
  • Alumni Committee | Student Council
  • Public Relations Committee | Guest Lecture Committee

Subject/Area Specific Committees

  • Enactus Somaiya Social Cell | Interface (Marketing)
  • Finstreet (Finance) | Retail Lab (Retail Marketing)
  • Cii Yi | FORSE (Operations)
  • Humanist (HR) | Acumen (Quiz and Competitions)
  • Pathfinder Entrepreneurship Cell | Quantinuum (Analytics)

Committees Focused at Professional Growth of Students

Committees Focused at Cultural Development of Students

  • Students’ Activity Forum | Sports Committee
  • Gita Club | Women’s Development Cell
  • SIMSR Talkies | Mauj Band | Photography Club

All these committees give you an opportunity to take up leadership roles which further help in networking as well as building your interpersonal skills which help you grow as a person. This is an awesome way to get your feet wet in the world of business and gives you a glimpse of the corporate culture.

Working in a student driven culture here at SIMSR is nothing less than working in a live project. I feel satisfied that I chose SIMSR and got a chance to experience this amazing culture.


PGDM 2018-2020