Strange Life!! Part II

Now The Feeling Of Loneliness Makes Us Feel Insecure, We Start Misbehaving, We Start Listening Sad Songs, We Start Blaming GOD, The Question Like “Why Me??” Comes In Mind. No One Can Answer This Question Or The Answers To This Question Does Not Exist?? Is This What We Want?? Is This Is The Negative Side Of Love?? Or, Is This What We Get By Loving The One We Love. If This Is Love Then Why We Love Then?? Or, We Love To Hurt Ourselves?? Does Love Really Hurts??

May Be At Times These Questions Might Be Correct And Valid Depending Upon The Situation, But “Nobody Loves Me” These Words Should Not Come In Our Mind Because There Is Someone Who Constantly Keep An Eye On Us. That Person Know Exactly What Is Going In Our Mind, What We Are Being Through. Any Guess Who Is That Person?? That Person Is Our “Mother”.

“i love you”, “i love you too” Can Solve The Problem, But How To Express?? We Are Brave Enough To Love And Where The Hell This Bravery Goes At The Time Of Expressing. We All Say “Everything Is Fair In Love And War”, But Do we Believe In It?? Do We Really…

When We Know We Cannot Live Without Each other Why No One Expresses It??

A boy..