Strange Life!! Part I

We Love Those People Who Don’t Care Anyone’s Feelings. And There Are Some People In Our Life And Fall In Love With Us. They Know How Much They Love Us, Care For Us, Pray For Us. But What Is The Strange Part In This Whole Thing?? Is That The Mistake Which We Committed Of Loving That Person So Much Or The Mistake Committed By That Person By Loving Us In The Same Way??

But Where Is The Expression Love?? In This Whole Thing No One Dared To Express Their Love.. Now The Question Arises Why None Of The Person Expressed Their Love?? Might Be People Feared Of Losing That Person Forever If They Expressed Their Love To Them, Might Be They Are Afraid Of Consequences, But No One Thinks About The Positive Result Of Expressing Their Feelings To Their Loved Ones. Why Every time Everybody Think About The Negative Side?? Is The Negative Side Of Love Is Really Negative?? Or Our Thinking Is Negative??

It All Start Unknowingly. Do You Remember How You Met Your Someone Special?? Nobody Knows How it Start, How We Became Friends, How We Start Liking Each other, How We Become Need Of Each other, And One Day Both Of Us Fall In Love With Each other. Do We Really Love Each other Or We Just Got Attracted Towards Each other?? Day And Night Only One Thought Is This Is The Love?? Strange Life.. It’s A Story Of Every Boy And Girl, This Is The Most Crucial And Critical Situation In Life, We Are In Two Minds, We don’t Want To Loose Each other And At The Same Time We Don’t Want To Hurt Each other. It’s We, Who Know What Will Be The Situation Of The Other Person If We Know We Cannot Be Of Each other And We Also Cannot Tell Them Because We Have Started Believing Each other, Trusting Each other.

Every time Only One Song In Mind “Mere Bina Mai Rehne Laga Hu, Teri Hawa Me Behne Laga Hu, Jane Mai Kaise Tera Hua Hu, Mujhe To Lagta Hai Shayad Mai Tere Dil Ki Dua Hu, Tujko Jo Paya To Jeena Aya, Ab Ye Lamha Thehar Jaye Tham Jaye Bus Jaye Hum Dono Ke Darmiyan..” And We Think Like “Kehta Pal Pal Tumse Hoke Dil Ye Deewana, Ek Pal Bhi Janejana Mujse Se Dur Nahi Jana, Pyar Kiya To Nibhana, Pyar Kiya To Nibhana..” And Suddenly “Hum Jo Haste Tum Bhi Haste, Rote Jo Hum Tum Bhi Rote, Khwabon Ke Neele Ambar Ke Niche Meri Panhao Me Sote, Kash Mere Hote, Kash Mere Hote..” And Finally “O Nadan Parindey Ghar Aja, O Nadan Parindey Ghar Aja, Ghar Aja Ghar Aja Ghar Aja, Kyu Des Bides Fire Mara, Kyu Haal Behal Thaka Hara, Kyu Des Bides Fire Mara, Tu Raat Berat Ka Banjara, O Nadan Parindey Ghar Aja..”

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