Story of a late night fish- fry

I was sad and upset because of an unwarranted argument brewed over a stupid game of cards. I sat beside the beach and cursed the water for its unusual calmness. It was time for some red flares in the clouds; Mr. Punctual- the Sun was about to set. I looked at him and said “Wish I were as lonely as you are and not to mention, happy”. He took some offence, I suppose, as he decided to stay for a while more.

That stupid game was my first ever encounter with cards, I had never played the game before or made any acquaintances with the kings or the Queens. Although, I have had met Jokers and Fools of all kinds but my roommates were a different breed all together. They made fun of me – teased me – argued with me over nothing; I felt irritated and misunderstood at times. I took it as a curse to be misunderstood by my own people. Yes, own as I was one of the Fools too.

Lost in my thought of disenchantment with hostel life I was woken up by a loud cry from tides. As if they too wanted me to head back to my hostel. They were right it was too late; I had been siting there since 2 o’clock. I, halfheartedly, rose to cruse the water again but instead got lost in its blue color. I, almost for a brief moment, forgot the agony I felt few minutes ago. “You stupid”, I said, “Don’t you have a place to be right now” and smiled. Soon the water replied back with another loud cry. This injected, in me, a new vigor and I felt as if there was a scope for further conversation. I needed a shoulder to cry upon, but was too shy to ask for it. I chose to show some defiance instead and hided my true emotions.

I removed my shoes and went close to the water. It replied, instantly, by sending a few calms tides; it was happy too. It went on to show me its love for illuminated things like the Moon. It showed me- taught me how a moon too can dance on its tunes. Astonished was I to see all these carnies tricks but since I was a fool too so I had to ask something stupid and I did. “Why are you so happy, friend” I said, “don’t you ever mourn the demise of yet another day”. It remained silent and gradually its silence brought back the misery that I had been carrying all along. I again felt misunderstood and cheated.

I checked my cell phone for any miscalls or texts and expected there was none; no one had cared enough to check upon me in all those 6 hours, some friends I had. This made me introspect and I came to a shocking realization; I was a perfectionist. This attitude had led to many insensitive and condescending confrontations with my friends but they all had forgiven me most of the times. At times they chose to remain silent just as the water did; I was the one who never understood how it felt on the other side. My friends didn’t leave me; I left them and came to the beach in search of solitude.

I started to feel sorry for the unruly behavior but it was hardly the place to be sorry. I decided to head back to my hostel but then my new friend, the beach, intervened; it showed me a fisherman on a small boat swiftly coming towards the shore. I waited, with amusement, to see what a day’s hard labor had earned for him. It was a good quality fish in great quantity; tempted me to ask about it. Before I was able to utter a word, the fisherman offered me, a total stranger five fishes for no cost. I, hesitantly, murmured something like ” I don’t like fish” but he was too happy and content with his catch to have listened to my cribbing.

I stood there watching him offloading when he said “go kid have fun with your friends”. Friends, this word brought a millions of emotions back to life and I was rendered speechless. I rushed towards my hostel after saying goodbye to my new friend. As I reached my room, I saw a game of cards was still on; they never stopped playing, I assumed. One my roommates came to me and asked where I was all this time. I laughed and said “Chal aaj tereko fish-fry khilata hun, wahi lene gaya tha “.