Interview Tips for B-school Admission!

The focus of a B-school interview can range from specific questions about work Experience, Projects done, Extra curricular Activities or to broad discussions about your life. Enjoy your interview, be cheerful have a smiling. Make the panel feel that you are enjoying. Tyr to be witty, charming, be your self, confident and last but not the least Don’t BLUFF!

Pre Interview Phase: –

1) Rehearse your Introduction (usually 1st question in any Interview) it should be a snap shot of your resume. It Should be Precise, Accurate and interesting. Cut out unnecessay details like School name, Place of birth, introduction of family memebers etc.Introduction should not be more than 10-15 lines.

2) Consider your Strengths, Weaknesses, Hobbies, Interests, Ambition or Goal in life,

3) Review you life to identify your biggest achievement and failure in Life.

4) Prepare questions like “Why do you want to do MBA?” in detail. You need to convince the interview panel that you know what you are getting into and are not applying for an MBA just for the sake of it.

5) Interview is basically show case of your strengths. Highlight your strengths and achievements.

6) Ensure you read the newspapers (Specially Business news, Editorial & Front Page) daily for the last 1 month – National, International, Business and Sports news being the most important.

7) Prepare your resume very well. You should be able to answer in-depth questions about anything which you have mentioned in your resume.

8) Having 2-3 Mock interview before the real one is a good idea.

9) Don’t make excuses instead take responsibility for your decisions and your actions.

10) Don’t make negative comments about your professors, school or college.

11) Dress appropriately for the interview Formals with a tie. (If possible Blazer)

12) Maintain eye contact during the interview and keep up the smile.

13) Don’t act as if your are desperate for admission.

14) Avoid giving larger then life answers.