SSC CGL 2017: Quant section toughest say CGL Tier I exam candidates

(Outside a SSC CGL 2017 examination centre in Mumbai, Photo: Soham Das)

First day of the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Tier I examination 2017 is ongoing and the candidates are pooling their responses as to how they found the examination today on August 5, 2017. A majority of the candidates PaGaLGuY contacted from the first session informed that they found the quantitative section to be the toughest. Calculative nature and length of the questions affected time management for many students.

Prakhar Jain, an SSC aspirant from Dehradun, took the examination in the first session and felt the examination to be a little tough overall. “Although the quant section seemed a little too tough for me this year, I found the general awareness part to be quite easy. Passage question in the English paper was also different from the previous years and the mock papers I had solved,” informed Jain. He moved to Delhi a couple of years ago to prepare for the UPSC and SSC examinations. “The quant paper took around half an hour of my time, leaving me with very little time for the rest of the two papers”.

Piyush Roy, who is working as a government official in Chennai, also found the quant section to be difficult. “Since the nature of the questions were quite calculative, it took a lot of time for me to solve it. I found the overall paper to be a bit tougher than last year,” said Roy. He also informed about the lag in the system that he faced at his centre while the questions were loading. “There is no point complaining about it, as it happens almost every year.”

Complaining about the online mode of the examination, Matthew from Mumbai felt that the offline mode was a better option for SSC CGL examination. “It is a matter of concentration, and the lag in the appearance of questions in the online mode of the examination creates a lot of trouble. Besides, you don’t get to check the entire question paper and start attempting from your strong areas in the online mode,” complained Mathew. Attempting for the fourth time, Matthew is from Kerala and presently working at BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), Mumbai.

An accountant in the Department of Post, Mumbai, Amar Singh Rajput took the examination for the fourth time and he did not found the questions to be that tough. “Overall the questions were easy but the major challenge was to manage time with the questions in the quantitative section,” said Rajput.

Another aspirant preparing for UPSC in Delhi, Rajeev Ranjan took his examination from Patna and appeared for the second time. “Questions related to Cloze test, narration and relation were a little different, with other questions being mostly similar to the mock tests I took. I am expecting to score somewhere around 130-135 and hopefully, I will get through to Tier II of the SSC CGL examination,” said Ranjan.