SSBF- Interview with Dr. Manisha Ketkar- Director and Professor

1. After working with a pharmaceutical multinational for over 16 years, what inspired you to join Symbiosis? 

I always had a flair for teaching.  I wanted to give a more practical exposure to youngsters. I wanted to imbibe values in young generation.  A professorship at a management institute would give me an opportunity to work with young, energetic, bright students and help fulfill my aspiration.   

2. How different is SSBF from colleges offering similar programs? 

Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance is offering an MBA program in banking and finance. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers all the basic concepts of general management with an emphasis on banking & finance related courses. This helps us to groom students who are ready for the BFS sector. We have a good blend of faculty from academicians and bankers.  MOU’s with Corporates like Axis Bank and Yes Bank have helped us train the students as per the requirements of the industry. The Bloomberg terminal gives students an exposure to live market data. This also has been blended into the teaching pedagogy of courses like Macroeconomics, Securities & portfolio Management, Investment Banking, and derivatives markets to name a few.

3. Which are the qualities you look for while selecting students for your program? 

The traits we look into aspirant while admitting students are:

1.   Interest in the field of banking and finance: An interest in the field will drive the student to crave for more knowledge of, and related training to, the sector.

2.   Exhibit excellent communication skills: Aspirants must be capable and willing to voice out their opinions, which should be communicated in a logical, cordial manner.

3.   Focused and Committed: Any student pursuing MBA degree requires commitment, as MBA program demands enduring efforts on the part of the student.  MBA students are required to be focused on their goals and be consistent in their performance.

4.   Logical: They should possess analytical skills and logical reasoning to make good decisions.

5.   Decision Making Skills: An MBA aspirant should have the ability to make quick and appropriate decisions in order to complete assignments and other tasks successfully.

6.   Enthusiasm: The field of management is meant for people with high energy levels and those who are on their toes all the time. 

4. What career opportunities can a SSBF students look out for? 

With various certification programmes with Axis bank, Yes bank, FLIP, Bloomberg etc. our students have edge over others. This helps them in seeking career opportunities in various profiles like Relationship managers in banks and AMCs, Credit appraisers, financial analysts, sales, insurance, etc.

5. Lastly, would you like to give a message for the ‘SSBF” student community?

BFSI is a booming sector. Opportunities are enormous.  We are here to give you all the help to become the managers with a difference.  Build your careers on strong fundamentals.