‘I did not leak CAT 2016 exam paper,’ says Naga Venkata Vaibhav Saladi, the person who the world thinks messed up things

While the MBA industry has been abuzz about the CAT 2016 paper leak, PaGaLGuY managed to speak to the person who social media is holding responsible for the state of affairs.
Saladi has been the focus of attention for 24 hours now and even more after the CAT authorities acknowledged there was a malpractice.  According to the CAT statement, appropriate action has been taken but has it?
 For the first time the person, who is in the centre of all attention speaks.

Q) There are rumours going around stating that you leaked the CAT slot 2 paper. Is this true?

A) No. I haven’t leaked the paper. All allegations against me are false.

Q) Then what about the images of your profile on IQuanta with the screenshots of the leaked questions, going viral across social media forums?

A) My account got hacked.

Q) Were you allowed to complete the paper?

A) Yes I completed the paper.

Q) So, did the IIM Bangalore Convenor office get in touch with you immediately or post the exam—to inquire if it was you to blame or that your account was hacked ?

A) Yes, the Convenor office had called me post exam. That’s how I got to know that such a thing has happened. I tried accessing my account, but couldn’t. 

Q) What did you do when you came to know about the allegation?

A) I went to the police station and lodged a complaint. 

However, many petitions are surfacing on social media demanding a re-exam against the alleged malpractice exercised by Saladi and the negligence of the IIM CAT 2016 convener’s office.

Watch out this space for more updates on the issue.