Somethings Not right

“Another drink sir?”-asked the waitress to d guy next to me.

I was sitting there as always watching my Sunday match. High pitch music, Cheering & noise dont really bother me too much. For a while I’m feeling numb–something changed in me,something sinister.Suddenly I saw Him. Nervously sipping through his Drink, with eyes wandering everywhere in search of something or may be to hide from something,Shaking hands, drooling eyes already hinting his drowsiness.

I’ve been searching for him may be like forever; so much that the purpose seems irrelevant now. Suddenly he saw me–those numb eyeballs fixated at mere gazing at me. He stopped, stood up & hurriedly rushed towards exit. I followed him. He came down the street & tried to unlock his car door. “Hey!! Stop there!!” I screamed. He heard, yup he definitely did. He dropped his keys & started running in the street. I followed him again, begged him to listen,begged him to stop. He did not. We ran across the streets as buildings,lanes, streets passed!! Next is St Pete Cemetery. -Wait!!is he stopping now??Looks like it. He stopped, with a bloodless face & scary gaze—-“Please!! It was an accident, I didnt mean to kill you!!” Meanwhile the epitaph on my tombstone flashed,”Rest in Peace”.