Exams.. Seriously!

The environment is pretty cool & calm ,everyone hops & walks happily in the corridors,on the streets & at PMCs(“piya milan chowks” as they call it). The discussions, arguments,gossips, charchaas, kharchaas all happen without much of an ado.

It all starts to rattle when the exam schedule is out. All of a sudden the lanes go desolate,the corridors empty,the playgrounds vie for players & the markets seek buyers. Yes,this is how the hostel backdrop transforms during a season far more overwhelming than Summer,Winter,Autumn or Spring.

Some students get themselves engrossed so much in studies that they fail to recognize most of their buddies. And that also includes the probability of roommates going through the hardships and left completely unnoticed for days. Some stop going outside as if they’ve taken an oath to stay away from the physical world till the season ends. There can be those cunning ones who repeatedly ask others to get their necessities bought from market and in turn save their time. Some others devise new methods & war scale strategies to study as if the semester exam is the last opportunity to prove their mettle. For some,it takes a real toll on their health resulting in loss of weight,weakening of eyesight,getting shivery & quite often fluid imbalance at the wrong time.

On other side are the bravos,the brave-hearts,the daredevils who treat any exam like a tinker’s damn & make the exam duration as playful as they can. They try all sort of activities to make the atmosphere cheerful for their mates,to make them feel at ease but discouragingly for them, all that goes in vain.

The bottomline is that let us not get so worked up,lets not get fazed by any of our semester exams, because it’s all just a matter of time management. The better we manage it,the more convenient would be our exams. Let’s try to manage just one aspect & the rest of the things would fall in place. By rest of the things I mean a proper nap,tension,headache and its other companions.

Surely people at places/institutes above par do the same, it is for others to take note of it. Life is much more than the semester exams. I’m a big fan of all the guys who never hesitate to spare a moment , or an hour for others even during the toughest exam in schedule. These are the people for whom “an Exam” is not a determining criteria of how well they lead their life. In fact the Exam Season tests us on many fronts ,be it temperament, patience, supporting others, managing time etc., which come handy throughout our career.

This’s an observation from my graduation days ,and that’s why this note followed.

Be Calm and just manage your time … ?