Some cats drink ‘Milk’, this one sucks ‘Blood’!

Never had I thought in wildest of my dreams,

when I was studying in nursery and K.G.

that the ‘C’ for CAT will haunt like hell,

change my life and make it crazy!

Cat, for me, just followed a mouse,

drank some milk and ran away.

but CAT, for now, follows me

Drinks my blood and is here to stay!

But wait, both aren’t downright different,

and same always are the number of legs

front two limbs for English and LR

back ones are for DI and Maths!

I wasn’t ever this bloody superstitious,

till CAT, my dear, you crossed my way

and made it worse for me to pass,

my college will be over, and I can’t wait!

I hear your purr, loud at night ,

your scary eyes don’t let me doze

as if the prometric jumps on me

and says I’ll scale you down my bro!

Come on dear CAT-TY, your prey’s ready

pounce on me and tear me away

coz I don’t want to wait till JAN,

you’re sucking my blood, night and day!

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