So far at IMT Dubai

I looked at my cell phone, which doubles up as my table clock, through the haziness of an early morning after a late night. It showed 7:30 am, just enough time for a quick breakfast before my first class.
I would like to introduce myself as Kreisel DLima, a final semester MBA student of IMT Dubai. With less than 2 months for college to finish, somehow, the nostalgia has just begun to seep through my veins, reminding me of the little time i have left on this wonderful campus. I express my feelings on behalf of the students of the 4th (final) semester at IMT Dubai.
With an engineering background in Computer Science from NIT Surat, I had inculcated all the habits that requires an engineering student to survive through 8 semesters Late night outings, morning sleep, last minute studying etc. Life at IMT Dubai required a little more routine and systematic life style, which I found quite similar to that of my 16 month work experience, post engineering.
There has been a plethora of impressions, some challenging, some interesting, and others fun and so on. The program schedule was hectic in terms of the assignments, case presentations, and innumerable projects. It took me time to get used to the entire routine… But now as I look back and think of these times, I only wish that I can rewind life to 14 September 2010, when I first stepped into IMT Dubai Campus. All that I saw was an MBA college of my dreams, with the promise of a job of my dreams, and two years of living a life of my dreams.
The journey, although a roller coaster ride, was interesting and happening, primarily because of the number of seminars, guest lectures, events, extracurricular and various neighbouring college events alongside the regular academics that I didnt want to miss. My internship experience at Dubai Sports City International Cricket Council GCA through the assistance of the university was unique. It provided me with an insight into the operations of the organization. My internship at KPMG, definitely helped in understanding the intricacies of hotel operations. But more importantly, the experience in organizing various academic and non academic events, which IMT Dubai encourages, taught me much more than I imagined. Organizing events teaches you people management, task management and more importantly time management along with the ability to take your own decisions. The internships and company projects cumulatively does not give anyone such a varied insight. It definitely made me more disciplined, organized and focussed towards attaining goals.
What I liked best here were the opportunities available to take initiatives on behalf of the institute. For 2 consecutive years, the responsibilities associated with being in the most important committees of IMT Dubai Advisory, Media and Placom, has definitely raised my morale and has taught me the art of gaining trust, meeting objectives, and being accountable and careful. My team and I have invested a lot into this institute and have planned, organised and controlled flagship events like Ujaas (Diwali), Vaudeville, Alumni meets and many more. I am sure this experience will give me an edge in every walk of life.
As we prepare for Vaudeville 12 the business burlesque, I am glad that I managed to survive in a B School so far. And even as the alarm bell shatters through the early morning mix of dreams, I do realise that I have a whole day of classes and a great deal of preparation for our event on 14th and 15th March 2012. Nevertheless, there’s no life if there is nothing to look forward to.
For me IMT Dubai is an experience An experience one could never miss and cannot ever forget.
For now, it is just Hasta La Vista” from me.

Kreisel D Lima is a final year MBA Student at IMT, Dubai. She is specializing in Project and Operations Management and has a Engineering Degree from NIT, Surat (SVNIT, India). During her MBA, she has worked on projects with organizations like, International Cricket Council (ICC) and KPMG.

You can reach to her on [email protected].

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