PG Connect is now live: Who else is in your WAT-GD-PI slot?

(Photo: Aidan Jones)

A little late in the day, but it’s here nevertheless: PaGaLGuY WAT-GD-PI Connect is now live and ready for use., with IIM Calcutta, NITIE Mumbai, VGSoM IIT Kharagpur, IIM Indore, New IIMs, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, BIM Trichy, NIBM Pune, TISS Mumbai and GIM Goa already enabled.

Those with Written Ability Test, Group Discussion and Interview Calls can start using it to know who else will be in the same slot as them. Once you get in touch with others in your slot, you can help each other prepare better and share resources, or just become friends with them so that you are not faced with complete strangers when you land up for your WAT-GD-PI.

And in the meanwhile, also get a copy of the Free GD-PI experiences ebook with 6 years worth of GDPI experiences from the top b-schools.

We will keep adding b-schools to PG Connect as their results are declared.

B-schools, in order to get enabled on PG Connect, please send the following information,

1. Name of b-school

2. Names of all cities in which the institute is conducting WAT-GD-PI

3. The overall range of dates between which the process is being conducted

to [email protected] and we will feed it to eagerly waiting hungry jaws of the app!

Link to PaGaLGuY GD-PI Connect

Here is a screen-by-screen walk-through of some of the main features of PaGaLGuY WAT-GD-PI Connect (from hereon referred to simply as PG Connect).

1. Once you direct your browser to, youll be taken to your profile on PG Connect. You can Add GD-PI Details to reach a form that looks like the image below.

Be careful about entering information, though. If you dont have a GD-PI call but still enter it, someone will do a Report Abuse on you and well be too happy to see you banned from PaGaLGuY. So dont test-drive and be good samaritans!

2. Once you add a GD-PI schedule, youll immediately see people with the same slot. Do a Show all to see the complete list.

3. If you dont have a GD-PI call, you may still browse through the list of people with GD-PI calls in various schools.

4. By clicking on a b-school, you can see all the PaGaLGuY members with a GD-PI call from that school along with their venues and schedules.

So thats what PaGaLGuY Connect essentially is a matchmaking application for GD-PI call-getters. Wish you all the best for your group discussions and interviews!

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