As I waited in the humongous line, I paused to reflect as to what my life has become. If chasing clerks and companies was not enough, I was greeted with cynical smirks which clearly reflected the sentiment ” The Ice Queen finally deigns..”. Miserable and world-weary, I plugged in my headphones and switched on the latest Bollywood chart-buster. The moment the song threw its bass at me, I imagined myself on a stage-solitary and happy-with a crowd cheering me on. Suddenly, there was a bang and the door of the office flew open. Having had discarded the headphones I craned my neck to see as to what the matter was. Someone called out my name and hesitantly I made my way to the front of the line. It registered that the whole room was frozen-right down to the clerks. Startled, I turned to the shady guy who was manning the counter only to realize he had stopped mid-motion with his mouth revealing the degradation that excessive betel-nut brings about. Fascinated and disgusted in equal parts, my stare was broken with a tap on my shoulder. I turned towards the entrance and saw a silhouette in a rush of mist through the open door. Shivering and not quite understanding as to what my body was reacting to, I asked in a shaky voice- “Who’s there? “. A voice sang out ” Ankita, are you ok? ” Not believing my ears, I called out again” Reveal yourself!” The mist cleared..and there stood Michael Jackson-in flesh and down to the bejeweled and gloved hand. He smiled and held out his hand. I grasped it and he swung me around and asked again- “Ankita, are you ok?” Blood rushing to my face, I stammered a yes. He gestured towards the clerk and said “You have an hour before the world is set right again. Do what you have to.” I did not have to be told again. I hurriedly opened the program and did the necessary modifications. Pressing Ctrl+P, I looked up-only to find the King of Pop watching me intently. Not trusting my reflexes, I went about my work with extra care and sensed him smile at my deliberate movements. After having rescued the printout from my clammy hands, he asked if I was done. I was about to agree when I turned and hit the clerk with all my might.”Now I am”- so saying I waltzed towards the exit with Michael laughing in my wake. What now?, I thought and no sooner had the thought formed, I was directed to an ornately decorated stage where he left me with the words- “The stage is yours- go show them that you don’t care about them”. Grinning, I ran up the stage. Songs crashed and fell and soon, I was lost in a haze of colour and steps. Till I heard ” Madamji, form aapka? Kho gaye kaa?” I moon-walked and said “Nahi,lijiye”..