Smartphones may be an addiction for some people in today’s era, but for the stressed-out coaching students in Kota city, they are a favorite mode of recreation between their studies.

Coaching students spend nearly half their waking hours in studies, like attending classes or doing homework. To de-stress and for recreation, students are increasingly spending some time on their smartphones while at their hostels or PG accommodations. Other than a TV at their residence (a common one in hostels, at that), students have very few options to relax themselves during their busy study schedules. Hence, smartphones provide them some relaxation.

Vaibhav Gupta, a student, said that their strenuous schedule leaves little time for recreation, so they take some time out to relax using their smartphones. “When we get bored of studies, we listen to music or surf on the internet using our phones,” he explained. Shailendra Kumar, another student, informed that they download movies and videos to watch at leisure, and also connect with friends on social networks like WhatsApp and Facebook. There isn’t enough space or time for physical activities or sports, hence, smartphones prove to be a good entertainer during their stay in Kota, he said. “Sometimes, we also end up grabbing knowledge from the internet!” he claims.

With Android smartphone models available at throwaway prices, students can easily afford the devices. Free Wi-Fi zones in malls and public spaces help students make use of the internet while being low on the pocket too.

On the other hand, coaching institutes consider smartphones a double edged sword. Rakesh Sharma, Sr. Manager, Vibrant Academy, said that most students can afford smartphones hence they use the devices for entertainment purposes. “Excess of anything is considered harmful. Similarly, excessive usage of mobile phones is bad – not just for students but for anyone. Students should make rational use of their smartphones,” he opined.

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