SIP – A Priceless Buyout

SIP – I am not quite sure what it is, what it shall ask me to work on, will it be beneficial to me and my studies? These were few questions in my mind while applying to SOIL, and were probably one of prime reasons if I hadn’t applied to SOIL. But now, after 6 months of working on SIP, I can say, what a shame it would have been, if I hadn’t applied to SOIL. It is one of the best programs of the curriculum which brings out a different aspect of learning & character in every student at SOIL which remains with them throughout their life. It has been rightly termed as not just ‘Social Innovation Program’ but also ‘Self Improvement Program’.

SIP is considered to be flagship program at SOIL, where students not just participate to practice their knowledge into practical world but also are expected to contribute back to society where they are a part of. This makes them mindful towards society, brings them closer to society and makes them feel an active & contributing part of society. Their time and effort to social causes and activities connects them to the society, rather than being indifferent and unaware of their surroundings. It is one of the qualities of an inspired leader to be able to improve conditions in and around self.

I have been working with an NGO We, the People that is a citizens’ network working to raise awareness about citizens’ rights and responsibilities especially among diverse category of the youth& also compassionately assist individuals and other organizations in practicing their rights & responsibilities. It has been observed, there is very little awareness about the constitution – the vision, values, and rights, responsibilities of the State and most critically, the role of the citizen therein, &We;, the People has taken proud ownership in bridging the gap.

We have worked on to a lot of events & programs while working for We, the People as a volunteer. We have been part of rallies – shouting slogans, conducting public gatherings, interacted with people in public, organizing & promoting a competition that can involve youth participation & many more. All these activities have been around learning about our Preamble to the Constitution, the Constitution & our citizenry rights & responsibilities. These activities have made us realize our potential to bring change in the society.

We, the students of SOIL, sometimes wonder, if handful of us is able to give one day of week, for one whole year, towards social responsibilities, what changes we shall be able to make if many of us join hands and continue on such a framework. It shall most certainly be a giant leap towards sustaining mankind.

Rahul Shekhar

Business Leadership Program,


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