SIMSR’s Intra-Cultural Event ‘All Izz Well’ – The Icebreaker

SIMSR Mumbai

When you step in the huge campus of an MBA college there are all sorts of emotions running through –

  • What kind of crowd am I going to face?
  • Will I get a good roommate?
  • Will I be able to adjust to this new environment?

I want to personally say a big “Thank You” to those who came up with the idea of this wonderful event. ‘All Izz Well’ is so well designed – it comes just at the right time when we juniors are getting to know each other. ‘All Izz Well’ is a 3-day intra- class cultural competition organized by the Student’s Activity Forum (SAF) where the seniors brief the juniors about the event’s format and what is at stake – to win the ‘Best Incoming Batch’ trophy.

The whole batch works together with a fire in their belly to win the coveted title and trophy. Everyone puts in their all and stand in unity with the class. It is so beautiful to witness the formation of lifelong friendships.

‘All Izz Well’ completely embodies the popular Bollywood song with the same name – no matter how difficult and intense this two-year journey gets; everything is going to be alright. We are here to learn the biggest lesson – how to manage.

‘All Izz Well’ is an icebreaker wherein we learn to manage all the different tasks we have been assigned by work as a team. It is so infectious to see how people who have never danced in their entire life try to remember dance steps and practice day in, day out; or how people with not so good art skills help in making posters.

Now, I understand why our seniors in our initial days stressed so much on enjoying and actively participating in this event. There couldn’t have been a better icebreaker than All Izz Well!