Should it be SIIB or SIBM?

Guys please help!!

Two questions. 

1. I need some advise on b school..As in which one to select…i have calls from SIIB and SIBM B…interest area is finance but in SIIB they give MBA in IB with specialisation in finance whereas Bangalore gives core specialisations are there…which one to opt for…keeping in mind i want to add further certifications like CFA etc to my with MBA in IB With CFA would make sense or should i go with SIBM B finance.

2. Second question …it is inevitable that i have to join this year itself …but I still want have that deep down yearning to have a degree from IIMs.
So will it be advisable to go for 2nd MBA. I mean another MBA i.e executive MBA after 4-5 experience post MBA from IIM’s or ISB or any global B school …can I do that ? Do they take admits for 2nd MBA?