Scholarships at ITM Bangalore

Educational institution has a pivotal role to play in building the Core
Competencies as well as the Foundation of the Student, strengthen the community
around and the Country at large therefore it is a job of tremendous
responsibility when the stakeholders of that Institution are slated to perform
myriad roles as in case of a business school like ITM Bangalore.

To encourage
Meritorious Students ITM Business School offers a wide range of scholarships,
the majority of which are available to successful applicants who apply in early
Stages of the Admissions schedule. Funded by ITM Trust, it is the Chairman’s
Dream to encourage Students who have the Gift of Grades but probably not the
background to finance their Dream. An Altruistic Philanthropist Dr P.V Ramana
has a penchant for helping students who have the Passion and the Gumption to be
Future Game Changers of tomorrow. The student who crosses the threshold of our
B School inculcates all the qualities which are the Requisites of a true
Management Professional.

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ITM Bangalore we recognize that latent talent can be sculpted only by the
perfect blend of business awareness and corporate exposure. To foster the same
we have constant interactions with various business leaders and global managers
from the corporate world which makes the students Corporate Ready. The Life
Skills that we impart and the Plethora of activities we undertake opens up
vistas for creativity and innovation in our Students. The PGDM program at ITM B
is extremely comprehensive and intensive and customizes the Teaching Pedagogy
in order to reach the Individual’s Psyche.

a World where change is a buzzword and innovation and Sustainability is the
basic necessity, ITM Bangalore teaches its students to
ingrain innovativeness as a way of thinking that governs every aspect
of their thought process thereby converting them into Managers Par Excellence. The Curriculum is crafted with an Eye
to Detail under the guidance of leading Industry Giants and the Academic
Gurus. The Institution enjoys complete autonomy, both Strategic and
Financial which enables us to be a step ahead of our Counterparts.

Bangalore Students are a combination of the Right Attitude, combined with the
Requisite Skills and are equipped with Intensive Knowledge. The students are
nurtured in a vibrant cosmopolitan culture in and it is this very
competitive spirit and all round Development that gives them an edge over their
Peer Group. We strongly inculcate and instill high level of Morals and a good
Value System preparing them to be Ethical Leaders of tomorrow.