RRB ALP CBT III Psycho Test Exam Pattern Analysis in Detail

RRB has conducted stage II exam for RRB ALP to select 64000 plus candidates for the post of ALPs and Technicians. The candidates who clear the cutoff fixed by the exam authority will be qualified to attempt for the next round.

In order to obtain a clear idea about the RRB ALP CBT III Psycho Test exam pattern analysis, it is necessary to be aware of the Psycho aptitude test composition. The test consists of 5 segments. They are a Memory test, Following Direction test, Depth Perception test, Concentration test, and Perceptual Speed test.

The test is particularly considered to match various jobs in vital security types. Here the candidates will be provided with concerned test battery, comprising of 5 – 6 tests, given for the RRB ALP post the candidates have opted for. The test is held mainly in scrutinizing the strength and weakness of the candidates. Each test will have separate time duration and that will be provided to the candidates during the test sessions. Within the provided time duration, the candidates should solve the questions.

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Following is the analysis for each segment of the RRB ALP:

1. Memory test:

a. Using Map:

  • The candidates will be given a map to study and remember the compositions on it in the study page for a particular period of time.
  • Following the allotted time, the candidates will be intended for the test page.
  • Then the candidates will be asked to point out the accurate location of the concerned structures on a test page.

b. Using Picture-Number Combinations:

  • The candidates will be provided with picture-number combinations and asked to memorize them.
  • Then they will be given the test page which will contain the same pictures in a different manner.
  • Finally, the candidates must point out the numbers that match them.

c. Using Railway Map Location:

  • Here, the candidates will be given few locations of the railway stations to memorize on the study page.
  • After the allotted time, the candidates will be directed to the test page.
  • On the test page, the candidates will be provided with the same railway map having English Alphabets (A – E) in the place of the railway stations.
  • The candidates need to locate the station on the map.

2. Following Direction test:

  • The candidates will be provided with a pattern of letters.
  • Here, they will be asked to questions regarding how certain directions will change the pattern.
  • The answer to each question will be one of the letters present in the pattern.

3. Depth Perception test:

  • The candidates will be provided with a load of bricks with markers like A, B, C, etc.
  • The candidates’ task will be to count the number of bricks that are attached to the bricks of the pile that has a letter present on it. Every brick will be of the same size.

4. Concentration test:

  • The test is conducted to find out how swiftly the candidates are able to compare two numbers and make a decision whether they are same or not.
  • If suppose the numbers are the same, then the candidates should click “Y” or else click “N”.

5. Perceptual Speed test:

  • The test is to analyze how fastly and precisely the candidates can view the objects in order to match them.

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