The massive population of India has also made it one of the most educationally centred nations across the globe. It is one of the leading countries for higher educations around the world and shares a similar graph with eminent nations like China and the USA.

The educational system emerged as a great platform for hundreds of regional, national, and international student groups to make the most out of the eminent learning programmes. Moreover, a majority of universities deliver a vast range of subjects and disciplines and encourage a liberal learning process for the same.

The authorities and especially the Ministry of Human Resource and Development has designed several strategies to inculcate and enhance a quality education system across the states.

Moreover, the key aim of these authorities is to successfully reach the goal of attaining the targeted Gross Enrolment Ration or the GER of up to 30 percent by the year 2020. The goal is planned to be fulfilled by developing a better futuristic multidisciplinary private and deemed university.

In recent years several universities have been set up to achieve this essential goal. The last decade has witnessed the establishment of universities like the Ashoka University in Haryana, the Shiv Nadar University in Uttar Pradesh, the OP Jindal University in Haryana, and several others.

Moreover, the already established universities like Amity University and the Sikkim Manipal University is on the verge of developing other interdisciplinary educational programs. These courses and programmes are meant to attract the national student population as well as the international sectors.

The growth in the educational segment of the country is catalysed by prominent investments and strategies. One of the major assistances is promised by the telecommunication industry leader Mukesh Ambani, the well-known director of the Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL).

Mukesh Ambani has proposed to pledge an offer of Rs. 1500 crores to the government’s board- Empowered Expert Committee (EEC). The investment would be made in the name of the upcoming Reliance Jio University or the Jio Institute, as reported by the Economic Times.

Moreover, plans of establishing the Jio University by the Reliance Foundation Institute of Education and Research (RFIER) are also in talks. Moreover, the Reliance Institute has been awarded a status of the Institute of Eminence by the government.  

The Reliance Jio University has put forward a key aim of developing an internationally acclaimed sphere of knowledge and learning.

The eminent and well-known experts of international universities like Stanford University in the United States, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and the Northwestern University in the United States have been consulted for advice.

Apart from them, other prominent experts in the educational sectors across the country are also consulted for the same.

As per the plans, the Reliance Jio University will be established in the town of Karjat, located on the outskirts of the Mumbai city. It is believed that the campus would be constructed over a vast stretch of 800 acres of land with exceptional facilities for the students.

However, as per the plans, the university would be residential and prominent plans for acquiring more acres of lands are underway. The institution claims that the construction process would be completed successfully by the year 2021.

As per the reports, news of campus details and other facilities have also surfaced. It is stated that the campus of the university will comprise of a residential quarter for the working faculties and hostel or dormitory facility for the enrolled students.

The Reliance Jio University will be designed and follow the environmental guidelines for a ‘green campus.’ Therefore, parks, gardens, and other such spaces with natural surroundings will be constructed as well. The construction model of the Jio University is said to be inspired by the Atlanta and the Cambridge University set-ups.

The academic sessions for the first batch at the Reliance Jio University are also planned. According to the various news reports, Jio University will commence its first academic session in the coming year of 2021.

Apart from the infrastructure and academic session details, news about the programs offered and curriculum design have also surfaced. The Reliance Jio University will be offering a different set of interdisciplinary courses to prominent students.

These courses will be based on the futuristic skill sets required in different markets. Moreover, news sources have claimed that the university will be offering courses like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Law, Design and communication, and other relevant courses.

Courses like artificial intelligence, data science, and digital media programmes will be successfully introduced at the undergraduate level. Moreover, it is expected that the Mulhern of Northwestern University will be providing eminent knowledge in the marketing and communication program.

Also, JIU’s head of the data science department will be teaching the students of the Artificial Intelligence program.

Prominent reports claim that the chairman of Reliance Jio Institute, Mukesh Ambani, and his wife Nita Ambani would be taking the position as the members of the governing council of the university.

His daughter, Nita Ambani, would take the position of director at RFIER. A total of six governing councils will be appointed who will provide their exceptional knowledge in the educational and professional sectors.

The appointment and the recruitment process are ongoing since September 2019. The process will continue until October 2020. International experts and mentors will also be invited.

The well-known SRM University has signed an MOU in association with the Reliance Jio University. It will focus on delivering professional training to the students of engineering, management, science, and humanities courses.

The students will also be provided with state-of-art technology in laboratories. The students coming from weak social and economic backgrounds will be provided with equal opportunities.

The upcoming Reliance Jio University aims to achieve a rank in the top 500 Universities of the Times Higher Education and QS World University Ranking index. With exceptional faculties and a top-notch campus, merit-based scholarships worth Rs. 38 crores will be awarded in the first year of the university.

Source: The Indian Education Diary.

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