Reasoning Quiz – Puzzle For NICL Assistant Exam

Dear readers,

The quiz on puzzle, provided here, will help you prepare for the upcoming exams. Please try to give answers in the comment box; soon we will publish the correct answers.

Directions (1-6): Study the following information carefully
and answer the following questions.

An organisation decided to
distribute seven types of laptops on week days starting from Monday to Sunday.
The seven laptops to be distributed are of Sony, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, HP
and HCL but not necessarily in the same order.

Dell laptops to be given on
Saturday, Lenovo laptops are given just after Asus laptops and Asus laptops are
not given on Wednesday. HP laptops are given two days after the distribution of
Asus laptop. Acer laptops are distributed just after Sony laptop. HCL laptops
are distributed before Acer laptops. HP laptops are distributed after Dell

1. On which day of the week Lenovo laptops are

(1) Tuesday

(2) Wednesday

(3) Friday

(4) Sunday

(5) Monday

2. Which laptops are distributed just between
the days when Lenovo and HP are distributed?

(1) Asus

(2) Dell

(3) Sony

(4) HCL

(5) None of these

3. Which laptops are distributed on Wednesday?

(1) Acer

(2) Lenovo

(3) HCL

(4) HP

(5) Sony

4. On which day of the week Asus laptop are

(1) Monday

(2) Sunday

(3) Tuesday

(4) Wednesday

(5) None of these

5. If HCL is related with Tuesday, Sony is
related with Wednesday, similarly Lenovo is related with which day?

(1) Thursday

(2) Friday

(3) Saturday

(4) Sunday

(5) None of these

6. Which laptops are distributed in the middle
of the week?

(1) Acer

(2) Asus

(3) Lenovo

(4) HCL

(5) None of these


1 (3)  2 (2) 
3 (1)  4 (5)  5 (3) 
6 (2)


Monday – HCL

Tuesday –

Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday –

Sunday – HP

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