Rape- A Mistake or A sin?

Last week, a senior politician, Mulayam Singh said, “Boys do make such mistakes but that does not mean that they should be sent to gallows”, for rape. He further said, “Death penalty for rape is unfair…will change rape laws when we come to power”. The other day, one of his follower made an infamous statement, girls who have pre marital sex should be hanged.It all made me reminiscent about the rape cases that our nation has seen: Delhi Bus rape case, Ukranian women gang raped by three animals, 5 year old girl rape case and many more…, the list goes on and on and on…I was just pondering, how a victim would be thinking after hearing such insensitive statement of politicians…In every 22 minutes a new rape case in filed, if unfilled cases would be accounted the number of cases would increase. According to BBC report, every year 7200 children are sexually molested in India. India is one of the most risky countries in child trafficking, a report by Maple-croft. There has been consistent in-sensitiveness by the political class towards the women protection. One politican made an argument on a national news channel that “eating chaomin leads to Rape”. One said, girls who wear skirts, or go to pub, or have drink want themselves to be raped. There is a list of such statements which will make you burst into anger only.Is it really true, eating chaomin tempts to rape, or if a girl wears short clothes, she invites a boy to rape…? But then why the researchers say, two pivotal reasons for rape are Anger and Power. Who is wrong and misleading and showing full potential of being a moron. Its obvious to you and me and to the educated class.People who have orthodox mindset, who don’t want women to come at par to them, who fear from women power, etc.