Not optimistic about elections and fate of this country

Both Modi or Rahul Gandhi are agents of half truths,lies and have no principles other than capturing PM seat. The only difference is that Modi is aggressive to gain the seat and Rahul is lethargic. Both are a degrading candidate to the post of PM. Both BJP and Congress have much qualified candidates in their ranks .

Both chose to stick to their safe ones-
Modi- A RSS fav which would prevent competition in BJP.
Rahul- A Gandhi ————————————————–Congress

Modi goes beyond that since he has industrialists in his pocket. Since he can bend the cashflow to BJP, he has got the power to bend the neck of senior leaders. Rahul baba has got his mummy to bend the neck of competitors.

There is no consideration of model of progress or great vision. They are mere marketing. Modi can’t solve any problem in the poverty stricken parts of the country. He is capable of only extending helping hands to industrialists and reap claims of growth and poverty eradication.

What best we can expect from Modi is an India with a spine on international relations and some progress on reforms.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are disgrace to administration. They can only dole out subsidies and freebies. Thats all they are capable of.

Probably thats why people would like to go for Ab ki baar Modi sarkar. Because perception is that election is between growth vs subsidies. Congress banks on downtrodden getting freebies. BJP claims to address the apparent slowdown and dangers for middle class and industries.

But we shall see a fractured mandate for sure. And thats what Advani and MM Joshi are waiting for. And so are waiting Nitish Kumar and third front PM aspirants.

Meanwhile , AAP is like a brilliant Bangladeshi player who can entertain us and gain our empathy but can’t affect the fate of the match.