Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Upcoming Exams

Dear readers,

The quiz provided here, will help in your upcoming exams. Please try to give answer in the comment box, soon we will post the correct answers.

1. The
respective ratio between the present ages of Ram, Rohan & Vinay is 3 : 4 :
5. If the average of their present ages if 28 years then what would be the sum
of the ages of Ram and Rohan together after 5 years?

(a) 45 years                               (b)
55 years       (c) 52 years

(d) 59 years                               (e)
None of these

2. The total
area of a circle and a rectangle is equal to 1169 sq.cm. The diameter of the
circle is 28 cm. what is the sum of the circumference of the circle and the
perimeter of the rectangle if the length of the rectangle is 25 cm?

(a) 186 cm                                           (b)
182 cm         (c) 184 cm

(d) Cannot
be determined                  (e) None of these

3. A 320 metre
long train moving with an average speed of 120 km/hr crosses a platform in 24
seconds. A man crosses the same platform in 4 minutes. What is the speed of man
in metre/second?

(a) 2.4                          (b) 1.5                  (c) 1.6

(d) 2.0                          (e) None of these

4. Raman scored
456 marks in an exam and Anu got 54 per cent marks in the same exam which is 24
marks less than Raman. If the minimum passing marks in the exam is 34 percent,
then how much more marks did Raman scored than the minimum passing marks?

(a) 184                         (b) 196                                (c) 190

(d) 180                        (e) None of these

5. The simple
interest accrued on a sum of certain principle is Rs 7,200 in six years at the
rate of 12 p.c.p.a. What would be the compound interest accrued on that
principle at the rate of 5 p.c.p.a. in 2 years?

(a) Rs 1000                                (b) Rs 1025        (c) Rs 1050

(d) 1075                                      (e) Rs 2000

6. Vinay scored
175 marks in a test and failed by 35 marks. If the passing percentage of the
test is 35 percent, what are the maximum marks of the text?

(a) 650                         (b) 700                                (c) 750

(d) 600                        (e) None of these

7. Raghav
purchased 550 ml. of milk everyday. If cost of one litre of milk is Rs 44. How
much amount will he pay in 45 days?

(a) Rs 1,098                               (b)
Rs 1,079       (c) Rs 1,099

(d) Rs 1,088                               (e)
None of these

8. The length
of a rectangle is twice the diameter of a circle. The circumference of the
circle is equal to the area of a square of side 22 cm. what is the breadth of
the rectangle, if its perimeter is 668 cm?

(a) 24 cm                    (b)
26 cm           (c) 52 cm

(d) Cannot
be determined                  (e) None of these

9. The ratio
between the adjacent angle of a parallelogram is 2 : 3 respectively. Half the
smaller angle of the parallelogram is equal to the smallest angle of a
quadrilateral. Largest angle of quadrilateral is four times its smallest angle.
What is the sum of largest angle of quadrilateral and the smaller angle of

(a) 252⁰                       (b) 226⁰                              (c) 144⁰

(d) 180⁰                      (e) None of these

10. In a school
there are 2000 students out of whom 36 percent are girls. Each boys’ monthly
fee is Rs 480 and each girls’ monthly fee is 25 percent less than a boy. What
is the total of the monthly fees of girls and boys together?

(a) Rs
8,73,400         (b) Rs 8,67,300                 (c)
Rs 8,76,300

(d) Rs 8,73,600        (e) None of these


1 (d)

2 (b)

3 (d)

4 (a)

5 (b)

6 (d)

7 (e)

8 (b)

9 (e)

10 (d)