Masters degree for the Data Scientist

Have you wondered how the super markets you shop from send in coupons and discount vouchers that might be useful for your next month’s purchase? What is it that helps them to know what you might want purchase for the next month? 

Here is the thing… They have a data base which they have collected over the months and across areas, which they then analyse with the help of data scientists to predict your behaviour. 

This ‘Big Data’ is the new buzz word across many industries. A consulting firm McKinsey estimates that India will need 2 lakh data scientists in the next few years to analyse such data. 

This kind of demand has led to various degree and online courses being offered in business analytics of which Data Sciences is a part.

However IIT- Hyderabad has started an Executive M Tech program in Data Science. This self paced course gives a flexibility to the executives pursuing it. However we at Pagalguy wondered if this kind of a degree course be helpful to the executives  mid career ?

Says Sainath P, who is currently working in an MNC , “I would want to invest my time in such a course. Given the fact that a professional degree course from a reputed institute will enhance the opportunities for me not just in India but also abroad. Also this industry is booming, it would be surely be worthwhile even if it is mid career, “

Another data editor who is currently working with a media start up, Sanjit Oberai says,””The course is certainly a step in the right direction as “Big Data” is an upcoming field today as there is a shortage of talent in the industry. Such courses, if taught well, can provide the right channel for students or working professionals to specialize in a particular skill set in addition to increasing  their knowledge in this field as it helps them with better career opportunities in the data space,” 

There is probably benefits in the long term for these executives. However what is being taught will already be known to these executives. A degree for those who already know will enhance their opportunities. But a degree for the students who want to enter this space, which exclusively deals with data science rather than business analytics will possibly bridge the gap between the demand and the supply of people with the knowledge.