Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for MBA entrance exams

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of actual
questions from various CAT papers from the last few years. Leave your answers/
responses in the comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct

1. How many 3 – digit even numbers can you form such
that if one of the digits is 5 then the following digit must be 7?

(a) 5                
(b) 405               (c) 365                   (d) 495

2. Alord got an order from a garment
manufacturer for 480 Denim Shirts. He brought 12 sewing machines and appointed
some expert tailors to do the job. However, many didn’t report to duty. As a
result, each of those who did had to stitch 32 more shirts than originally
planned by Alord, with equal distribution of work. How many tailors had been
appointed earlier and how many had not reported for work?

(a) 12, 4                 (b) 10, 3                (c) 10, 4                   (d) None of these

3. Three times the first of three
consecutive odd integers is 3 more than twice the third. What is the third

(a) 15                     (b) 9                        (c) 11                        (d) 5

4.  2 ^(73) – 2
^(72) – 2^(71) is the same as

(a) 2 ^(69)                (b) 2^(70)                (c) 2 ^(71)            (d) 2^(72)

5.  The number
of integers n satisfying  -n+2 > = 0  and  2n
> = 4 is

(a) 0                      (b) 1                     (c) 2                          (d) 3

The sum of two integers is 10 and the sum of their reciprocals is 5/12.
Then, the larger of these integers is

(a) 2                     (b) 4                      (c) 6                         (d) 8

Q. 7 and 8 are based on the given data:

There were a hundred schools in a town. Of
these, the number of schools having a play – ground was 30, and these schools
had neither a library nor a laboratory. The number of schools having a
laboratory only was twice the number of those having a library only. The number
of schools having a laboratory as well as a library was one fourth the number
of those having a laboratory alone. The number of schools having either a
laboratory or a library or both was 35.

7.  How many
schools had none of the three viz., laboratory, library or play – ground?

(a) 20                
     (b) 5                       (c) 30                        (d) 35

8.  What was the
ratio of schools having laboratory those having library?

(a) 1 : 2              
(b) 5 : 3                 (c) 2 :
1                       (d) 2 : 3

Three machines, A, B and C can be used to produce a product. Machine A
will take 60 hours to produce a million units. Machine B is twice as fast as
Machine A. Machine C will take the same amount of time to produce a million
units as A and B running together. How much time will be required to produce a
million units if all the three machines are used simultaneously?

(a) 12 hours               (b) 10 hours                     (c) 8 hours                 (d) 6 hour

There are 3 clubs A, B & C in a town with 40, 50 & 60 members
respectively. While 10 people are members of all 3 clubs, 70 are members in
only one club. How many belong to exactly two clubs?

(a) 20                       (b) 25                              (c) 50                             (d) 70

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1(a)    2(c)    
3(a)    4(c)     5(c)    
6(c)   7(d)    8(b)    
9(b)    10(b)