Q&A about the Ivey MBA program with Greg Yantz, Admissions Director, Ivey Business School, Canada

Q. How would you describe the Ivey experience to International Candidates?

When you come to Ivey, you join some of the most talented young leaders from all over the world. Approximately 32% of our class is made up of international students representing 13 countries of citizenship, 22 birth countries, and 27 different languages. Over 43% of our current class has international work experience and 24% have more than one degree. These incredible classmates are the people who will become a key part of your network as you continue to build your career post-MBA.After you graduate, you’ll join a network of over 23,000 Alumni in 102 countries around the world.

Q. What changes have been incorporated in the curriculum after you joined as Director at Ivey?

Highlights include: new course offerings such as Professor Mary Crossan’s Transformational Leadership course and Niraj Dawar’s work that is part of his course on marketing

Career Management (which is part of Ivey’s curriculum) is running “Emerald Inc.,” a fictitious company set up with actors who pose as recruiters at a corporate information session designed to practice face-to-face networking skills and exercising students’ personal narratives– a big differentiator for job seekers.

We host a variety of guest speakers at Ivey, both in the classroom and school-wide, recently including former Prime Minister Paul Martin, Governor of the Bank of England (formerly Governor of the Bank of Canada), Mark Carney, and entrepreneurs such as Arlene Dickinson who is part of a TV show called Dragon’s Den.

Q. What are the 3 most important aspects of the Ivey Program ?

Case-Method Learning, Ivey Career Management, and the Ivey Alumni Network:

Ivey Case-Method Learning is active learning in an engaged classroom. It’s a powerful decision-making approach that becomes ingrained into how you operate in your career post-MBA. This transformation happens throughout your year at Ivey as you dive into more than 300 cases. The best way to understand the Ivey classroom is to experience it, and we offer several simulated case classes with Ivey professors each year in India.

Ivey Career Management is ranked #1 in Canada by our prestigious recruiting partners .Our mandate at Ivey has never been just to prepare you for your first-MBA job; rather, we want to give you the tools to create and navigate opportunities successfully throughout your career. We are ranked #1 in Canada for employment success, and our employment rate post-graduation remains the highest of all Canadian MBA programs at 92%.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, as an Ivey MBA, you’ll have access to one of the most prestigious alumni networks in Canada and the world. Our Ivey Alumni Network is over 23,000-strong in 102 countries around the world. 2,318 serve in a formal role to help the school.

Q. Who would you define as a good applicant for your program?

There is no “typical” Ivey MBA student. Ivey values diversity in terms of education background, professional experience, and geography. With that in mind, the type of student who thrives at Ivey is someone who is not afraid to stretch themselves beyond what they have done in the past. The case-method pedagogy, and the diverse learning environment, will cause a student to think in new ways about their decision making.

Q. Do you have multiple Rounds of Application? Do early applicants have any advantage over others as far as financial aid is concerned?

We have four application rounds: an Early Application Round on May 5, Round 1 on September 22, Round 2 on November 17, and Round 3 on January 12, 2015. That being said, we do operate on the basis of rolling admissions, which means you can apply at any time in between deadlines and we will process your application.

In terms of merit scholarships and awards, we ensure that we always have these available for high-quality applicants. We do, however, encourage international students to apply for one of the earlier rounds. This gives you as a student more time to plan ahead – it’s a big move coming to Canada and you want to make sure you have time not only to move and get set up here in London, but to get the necessary paperwork in order, including study permit and student visa arrangements.

Q. What are the Scholarship options for International Candidates? Any alternative financial aid available?

Over half of our students receive some type of merit-based scholarship ranging from $10,000 to full tuition. Ivey has the most significant scholarship fund in Canada, and so it would be a mistake to self-select out of the process before we have a chance to review an application. In addition, education is the best investment a person can possibly make. While it may seem expensive now, the investment will only increase over time if a student graduates from a top program like Ivey.

Q. If a student wants to return to his Home Country after his course, do you provide assistance to him/her in securing a placement in their Home Country ?

Career Management plays an integral role in working with each student to achieve their career goals. For students who wish to remain in Canada post-MBA, there is the opportunity to obtain a one-year post-graduate work visa. International students who decide to return to their home country will work with their career advisor to develop a plan for doing so and connecting with Ivey alumni in their desired workplace.

International students should view, and market, their experience as a valuable part of their portfolio. Those who have worked internationally bring a respected, and often unique, perspective about business decisions that is valued in the classroom as well as with future employers.

Greg Yantz is Director of Recruiting and Admissions for the MBA Program at the Ivey Business School in Canada.Greg has a bachelor’s degree from The University of Michigan, graduate degrees from New York University, and completed the Ivey Leadership Program.