A TRANSITION INTO THE WORKING WORLD!!! (This is closest to my heart as it won the ‘Best Article of the Month “Award from TCS)

Today, as I await my joining letter my mind seems like a collage of myriad emotions. One the one hand, I can feel the void left behind by departing friends, the agony of missing some of my closest buddies, the silence that surrounds me at home unlike the pandemonium I experienced throughout my college life, the lethargy encompassing my body because of doing nothing at all!! But on the other hand, I also feel ecstatic of the fact that now I am a graduate. I am glad that now there will be no more of those unending write-ups, incomplete journals and last minute submissions where facing the wrath of your teacher was the most difficult task!! Now there will b no more of shivering hands in those deadly practical exams and no more of quivering lips during those flabbergasting vivas !!! I am happy that I am done with those semester exams which had us slogging day in and day-out during the PLs with the guilt of not having started earlier!!!In a few months from now, I will be stepping into a ‘Paradoxical World’-The Working World!!! A world that will gift me the pleasure of luxuries, the feeling of freedom, power and independence. A world that will transform me into a bread-earner for my family. A world that will give me innumerable opportunities to rise to the level of my ambitions goals and dreams and also the expectations of my loved ones!!!But it will also brings along with it the burden of unending responsibilities , the pain of extreme hard work , the trauma of encroaching deadlines, the pressure of competence in the rat-race for promotions and incentives so on and so forth!!!But I know that while stepping through the doors of my newly found workplace , my second home in the near future, I will have to shed all my preconceived notions & prejudices about bitching colleagues, nagging bosses, unfair gender biasing, male chauvinism, sexual politics among other things to emerge with a whole new positive outlook towards life and work!!!I know like me there are hundreds out there experiencing the same feelings. A coin always has two sides and “optimism is the key to success” , My Friend. So I hope that all of u succeed in overcoming your fears and bringing out the real “Entrepreneur” in you.Wishing U luck in all your endeavors.
Happy Working!!!