Public Speaking? Hell, no!!

“Which class are you in, beta?” My aunt asked me at a wedding reception. There was silence for two minutes. Then my mother answered,” He is in 4th” So afraid was i that words didn’t come out from my mouth. A fear of Public Speaking. There used to be a time when phone kept ringing but i would’t pick up. Once my cousin wanted to talk to me over the phone. I picked up hesitantly, with my parents around me, she asked when i would come to see her, i said(not knowing what to say), “I don’t have time” Hearing this my father put his arm around his face in embarrassment and my mother sighed. I felt so bad. This is when i realized something needs to change. I started pondering over what to do. Then, i started participating in class activities and opening up with my classmates without thinking too much. Once, i went up on the stage to give speech. I closed my eyes and started speaking. Later, my friend told me that few people were laughing, but i couldn’t care less. Few days later i again got a chance to go up on the stage. This time around i spoke with full confidence and with eyes open! In the end my teacher appreciated me and i got a round of applause. In a more recent incident, i delivered a speech in my college auditorium! After that speech our head of department said in front of the whole class that i was most powerful speaker of the class!! At that time i realized, i don’t fear Public Speaking any more!