Dream they should listen too

Dream till your dream become true ,dream…….they should listen too,keep racing as u have not won yet………..

Turn of negative into positive. for carrying out your desire and begin at one.Start your day with hot morning tea , with positives & plan your day.

Create a definite plan, plan into action & love to take responsibility.

The challenge the equilibrium!!

When your desire are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman power to achieve.




I do motivate myself with above words to accomplish my dream.

Like many aspirant I do have only dream, one dream to study in IIM, to study in IIM classroom.

Some of my friend said to me in class that its not easy to convert IIM- I replied yes that’s why I am sitting here from past 3 years.

Wall Disney – A man failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light –

Why can’t I try!! yes for sure Am not going to try for next year!!

I wish – journey for CAT should end. & will complete our dream too.

All I wanted to say-

Dream should listen too!!!!

Dream till your dream become true ,dream…….they should listen too,

keep racing as u have not won yet!

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