Amity University Haryana, Gurgaon (AUG) felicitated the doyen of management, Prof. (Dr) S.P. Kothari, Deputy
Dean and Gordon Y Billard Professor of Accounting and Finance,
Director, MIT-India Program, MIT Sloan School of Management,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
at a glittering function organized on 28th Aug, 2014 for his distinguished contribution at this occasion.

S.P. Kothari’s research focuses on financial reporting and valuation,
asset allocation, explaining the diversity in international accounting
practices, use of employee stock options for compensating executives and
accounting for stock options, evaluating investment performance, and
corporate uses of derivatives for hedging and speculation.  The American
Accounting Association (AAA) has honored his work with the 2014 Notable
Contributions to Accounting Literature Award.

(Dr) S.P. Kothari delivered a special talk on “What should Modi do to
spur India’s economy” at the prestigious Distinguished Global Indian
Speaker Series instituted by Amity University, Gurgaon.
Prof (Dr)
Kothari shared interesting and useful insights about the topic with the

Kothari opined that, things would change only if Mr. Modi’s
administration can be a game changer and that it is not the size of the
economy that matters but it is the Per Capita Income that is of more

an era of globalization, it is absolutely essential for our University
in India to give a global exposure to our students so as to prepare them
to meet the challenges of the knowledge age.AUH has a strong focus on
internationalization of educational programmes and also on strong
industry interface.” — said Prof. (Dr) P.B. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, AUH

Kothari’s visit to AUH holds a special significance to AUH to
strengthen its global connect with the top ranking Management Schools of
the world, such as MIT Sloan School of Management at USA”– said Prof. (Dr) Gunjan M Sanjeev, Director International Affairs, AUH.

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