Post JEE rank predictor, students fret over college cut-offs

An engineering aspirant’s woes seem unending. After clearing JEE Mains, there’s still a lot to worry. And to add to it, the next level of exam, JEE Advanced, is just around the corner. 

If first a student was anxious to know the rank that he/she has secured on an all-India level, the next big issue taxing an aspirant’s mind now is the cut-off at various engineering institutes. Once again, none of these processes will move forward no matter how much the students and parents fret over it. “I have been incessantly checking various sites to get an idea of the cut-offs at different institutes. I want to be prepared well in advance with a list of places where I will be eligible to secure a seat,” says Deepak Panchal, from Mumbai. 

Panchal isn’t alone in the cut-off hunt. The social media and other discussion forums are flooded with queries from students about cut-offs at various institutes and the branch they would be eligible for admission after the ranks are announced.

It’s no longer only about a student’s preference of a particular branch for his undergrad degree but what matters more is his/her eligibility for the same. “My son should get into a good institute. That’s my primary concern. Ultimately where he gets the degree from is important,” says Anil Goenka, whose son scored 178 in JEE Mains 2016.

With JEE Advanced barely two weeks’ away, many feel this is nothing but a sheer wastage of time. PaGaLGuY spoke to a few engineering students who were of the opinion that students should instead focus on their preparation and not on the branch or the institute where they would be eligible to get admission. 

They told that this approach would matter only in the short term. “Skill and what you learn is more important. As clichéd as it may sound, the brand name of the institute will not take you far, as will your knowledge,” said Abhishek Jha of IIT Kanpur. He is now working on a start-up idea with his friends. 

Quite a few others echoed his thought. Another student added, “When you graduate with an engineering degree from an NIT or any other institute, which is not top-ranked, focus on developing your skill. The name of your institute will not get you a job but your knowledge and expertise will surely help you stay ahead of others.”