Post Covid-19 World: Laced with Opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the global economy, severely. It has paralysed operations and manufacturing, pertaining to large-scale losses to companies, industries and therefore, the market. The most affected characters of this crisis are the number of employees who have lost their job in the last few months.

While a large section of the population has been displaced from their jobs, there are also the employable section of the population who are equally disillusioned by the state of the market. The future seems bleak and a post COVID-19 world is definitely not a pretty picture.

Times like these require more people to come together and help out. Especially, building the market to its natural pace is one of the most crucial targets of multi-national corporations, world leaders and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of the world.

While thousands of people have had their income dry up, redeeming hopes are some of the biggest companies in the world. E-commerce companies to even gaming and programming industries have opened their doors for large-scale employment opportunities. This is something of a blessing-in-disguise.

The following list are some of the companies who did the good deed:

  1. The e-commerce giant, Amazon, has witnessed the biggest surge of demands in the last few months, during the pandemic. This led to the company’s net worth to increase in values more than imagined, and hence, their demand for employers also shot up. Currently, the company has created near about 50,000 seasonal jobs in India to meet this increasing demand, and delivery network of the company.
  2. Another prosperous sector during the pandemic is the food delivery service. Dunzo, is one such company that has witnessed a high growth and is opening its doors for employment. They are currently in search of senior leaders to fit the position or role of directors, managers, tech leads and architects.
  3. The post pandemic phase of the world is going to have a direct impact on the insurance companies, quite naturally. Anticipating a rush of revenue facilitated by a very high demand, insurance companies like PNB MetLife, Tata AIG and Reliance Nippon are aiming to recruit close to 5,000 people, expecting that there will be a boom in business.
  4. The gaming world has seen a vast evolution. With more people signing up to these platforms, the demand for curating games and creating them have definitely shot up in the last few months. The gaming company, Dream 11, among several others, is one such company who is currently looking to hire 250 people for its product, design and technology departments.
  5. Another sector of the market that is making available opportunities for people are contract management venturing companies such as Icertis. They are looking to hire about 180 people over this year.
  6. It is interesting to know that even during the nation-wide lockdown, while there were speedy job losses, there were also corporate giants who were doing their bit and looking out for people. FarEye is one such company who has been known to have increased their employee total by 12% during this time and are still out in the market looking to hire contributors in their engineering and techno-management teams.
  7. Other e-commerce giants, are grocery delivery services. They have been absolute saviours during the lockdown, pumping up their businesses. Some of these companies include Grofers and BigBasket who are in the market to hire people in thousands to support their growing delivery operations.
  8. It is purely unjust if companies who have been known to have given pay-hikes to their employees are completely left out. Some of these Samaritans are Asian Paints, BharatPe, Hindustan Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Flipkart, and CSS Corp. They have not only made suitable pay-outs but have also provided promotions to their employees.

Post COVID-19 world is laced with uncertainty and horror, but the future does not seem so full of misfortune when there are leaders like these looking out for people. The above information was sourced from LinkedIn.

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Source: LinkedIn