Post 2 days of protests by students, IIT Kanpur buckles to their demands

The death of a 26-year-old research scholar of IIT Kanpur Alok Pandey, four days ago, caused a huge turmoil in the institute campus.  After students protested for over two days and held their Director, Prof.  Indranil Manna, hostage for a night, IIT Kanpur buckled to the students demands.

Alok had complained of severe chest and neck pain on Monday, August 8, 2016 after which he was rushed to the institute’s health centre. His condition deteriorated within 10 minutes of being administered an injection. He was referred to a cardiology centre that very night. However, he died on the way to hospital. The students have allegedly blamed his death on the negligence of the Health Center. “At last, all demands put forward by the students has been accepted by the International Advisory Committee (IAC).  It’s an important step for us to get justice for Alok,” says a PhD scholar who was a part of the protest.

As per the statement released by the IAC on Thursday, August 11, 2016,  on-duty doctor on the night of Alok’s demise, Shailendra Kishore will be put under deemed suspension until the completion of enquiry by the Fact Finding Committee. The IAC has also agreed that in case any evidence of lapse and negligence is found by the fact finding committee, an FIR too shall be filed. Two students are to be included as observers in the fact finding committee constituted by the Director on August 9, 2016.

The statement also stated that, “In response to the appeal by the Students’ Gymkhana, the IAC has advised the Director to initiate ex-gratia payment of Rs. 8 lakh to overcome immediate financial hardships of the family of Mr. Alok Pandey at the earliest.” The director has also promised to forward the petition of Adarsh Pandey (brother of Late. Alok Pandey) to the MHRD for redressal and a compensation of Rs. 50 lakh for sympathetic consideration.