Polynomics sounding a bit strange but a point of view bit different & frequently neglected or ignored.It is a well amalgamated result of politics with a perfect blend of economics.There has been a nationwide never ending debate on how lack of funds proves to be a hinderance to socio-economic development .This concept is usually unhighlighted & leaves a sense of incompleteness in the minds as to why does the politicians needs to spend over 100 crore in election campaigns when they should be certain & confident about their achievements & progress they initiated in the state.Its a well said quote “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS”.Then,Why its not their work that marks their win?Why it seems tough to subsitute money for progress? Give a thought if this 100 crore is flushed into the economy then the multiplier effect it would create & its spillover effects on health of economy of state which would further initiate the socio -economic development. when a economically & socially viable chain of progress can be initiated then were is a need to waste money.why can not political class be certain on their work also its well known fact that if i put my heart & soul to a work it will surely be a success.then why does politicians are compelled to promote that “MONEY SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS”.