Meet Vivek who came to study,

and was mistaken to be a teacher.

Meet his wife, Divya who is noy just a perfect wife,

but Achyut-Avyukt’s dearest mother.

Meet Arpita who came to campus,

when she had lost everything in life.

And then began life anew,

thanks to her MBA journey became Aman’s wife.

Meet Suraj and Priya, the most daring couple,

who risked things when everything was settled.

They defied the societal traditions and listened to their hearts,

to venture into unexplored territories and move to the next level.

Meet Mangesh, the perfect example of true love,

who cared for his wife’s happiness more than his own.

His selfless love and her undying love for him,

even in a distant relationship, their love had grown.

Meet Vidhi who studied when she was carrying a child,

a feet impossible and scary.

Thanks to Gaurav’s love who took so much care of her,

her adventurous decision seemed so easy.

Meet Nitin who took a break from the hectic work schedule,

and moved to a peaceful campus to study.

And then stayed back as a teacher forever,

valuing Payal’s thought process, a lovely story.

Meet Rahul who got married to Dimple,

a day before he began his MBA classes and got busy.

The couple stayed apart for the next one year,

with understanding and trust, their relation stood steady.

Meet Shrishti who was a guest at her wedding,

because she was busy studying while preparations were on.

Prashant was her parents’ choice and she valued it,

even in such circumstances, a beautiful love story blossomed.


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