My journey with MISB Bocconi started when I experienced one lecture as a prospective student. Not knowing what Supply Chain Management really was, I was almost under a spell when Prof. Thanos Papadimitrou was teaching. His practical experience combined with his knowledge had me really impressed. It was at this time I realised that some of the word’s best faculty comes down to teach and to share their vast expanse of wisdom.

The trimester began from July 4th on a busy Monday. I suited up and was ready to be a part of the PGPB-5. While I found all this very exciting, I still remember the anxiousness and the remarkable amount of uncertainty that I faced before coming into MISB Bocconi. I started my tenure with Prof. Laura Zoni for pre-course accounts. Being from an engineering background, I had no idea what accounting was, but Prof Laura was able to drill in the basic concepts in my head. This was just one of the many instances where I have found myself devoid of any knowledge but the professor made it sure that I was well equipped with the necessary knowledge for a business student.

Right from Prof. Pennarola for Organisation Behaviour and Design to Prof. Altomonte for Macroeconomics to Prof Durisin for Marketing, each and everyone of them inspired us and showed us the delicate intricacies involved in business. Each subject is covered in thirty hours of teaching which is spread across for about two weeks. The professor spend time teaching us, guiding us and being there for us. Having project work, assignments to exams, the professor tests us inside out, but outside classes we connected at a deeper level, sharing stories, creating memories and getting to know them better. Time was short and at MISB Bocconi, it always will be. At the end of the course, we save our final moments with the professors by clicking pics and giving them a parting gift. Once they part, we still stay in touch through email, Skype for any doubt solving or guidance.

MISB Bocconi tests us everyday, from group projects to assignments to research papers to corporate live projects to competitions and applying for summer internships. Effective time management is a key factor for making the most of the PGPB program. The difference in the amount of time I spend improving myself than being with friends has grown. The work load never gets too absurd where you don’t have the time to breathe, but it is all about understanding what is most important and what needs to be done. While my schedule may be busy right now, I still find time to balance my social life and with college work. I have incorporated my mantra at MISB Bocconi as “Work hard now, to play harder later”.

This Article is written by PGP Batch 5 student Chaitanya Naik

Source: MISB Bocconi Blog

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