Well, before I start off my voyage of diving into the world of writing an article on Pagalguy, let me give you a quick intro about myself for I am sure most of you would not be knowing me. I joined Pagalguy few months back and loved the way people united here for a single goal and strived towards it in unison.A feature you would rarely find on any other site. I secured 99.15 in CAT, 99.2 in SNAP and 88.9 in XAT (Well to be honest nothing to boast about). Keep reading to know why I say so.

Once the result was announced I was bestowed with mixed emotions from people around me. While my parents were overjoyed with the fact that i belled the CAT,on the other hand contrary to my expectations some of my friends did not even bother to congratulate (considering their not so good result…again a matter of luck).

Dejected and heartbroken I returned to the PG site hoping to find the happiness for my success in other’s by congratulating them and receiving the same in return for I thought the thousands of us present here might not have seen each other but are proud members of one family.

And the first post i could see in my feed was something related to how Prometric goofed up with the results and how all “NON DESERVING” candidates have secured 99 percentiles. Well, undoubtedly even I agree that the disparity in scores of some students in the two sections is too high to go unnoticed. But does that make people with 99 and above non deserving?And even if lets assume that it is so isn’t there a subtle way of expressing the same?

However it did not stop there. People with high percentiles started mocking those who were filing PILs stating that this is something that happens every year and the tussle continued. Alas, the family had been shattered since the “preferred” child had been given a greater share of the will than what he deserved.

What compelled me to write this article is a set of disturbing questions that haunts me and questions the very reason why i loved this forum and followed it more than my Facebook news feed.

Can an exam result spoil all the knowledge and bonding shared between us?

Isn’t it obligatory to start behaving civilized first and then dream of pursuing MBA?

And the last question to CAT and PROMETRIC… considering the fact that the aim of conducting these tests is to evaluate and select the best few who deserve IIMs,with so much at stake isn’t it necessary to curb your commercial interests and share with us our raw scores atleast?

So, this goes out to all the future managers out there. Think over this. And as they say in our engineering jargon “SLEEP OVER IT” with the hope that we will wake up into a new and civilized India where we will revel in other’s success and be the much needed shoulder to cry on for someone who deserves much better..(If you know what I mean).

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