Kejriwal Shakes Status Quo of KBC

All speculations took a back seat when engineer-turned-employee-turned-civil servant-turned- social activist-turned-politician-turned-Aam Aadmi Arvind Kejriwal finally appeared at the sets of KBC. In his typical attire, Kejriwal was looking as formidable as ever despite larger-than-life persona of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Earlier Kejriwal had expressed his discontent regarding the show in a press conference. “System has to be changed,” he had said, “transparency is not there. How people get selected? Why only a few get a chance to sit on hot seat? Why hot seat is called hot if it is not hot? To clean the system, I have to enter in this arena”.

He had also promised to give the winning amount to those who defaulted on their electricity bills during the AAP’s movement calling not to give exorbitant bills to greedy distributors.

He won millions of hearts by staying true to his promise and participating in the show. His eagerness to strive for change was apparent from the very beginning as he refused to play the game in the studio, which was way too luxurious for the likes of an Aam Aadmi.

He declared, “I want to play this game on the streets of Delhi in front of common people.” After being told by the KBC team that it could not be possible he finally settled on his hot seat. (If sources are to be believed, he persuaded KBC staffs to lower the temperature of A.C. despite his coughing as he didn’t want to ditch his muffler due to tepid temperature that was maintained in studio)

When the first question appeared on the screen he asked for a discussion with Delhilites before giving an answer. “Amitabh ji,” he said, “it is not I who is sitting on this seat, meri kya aukaat hai. People of Delhi are sitting here. I want a junta darbaar and healthy discussion before giving the answer.” When given the option of Audience poll he claimed that there was a foul-play. “BJP and Congress have colluded to give me a wrong answer. I cannot trust the system.” Finally sensing the lack of options at his disposal he gave an answer which proved to be the correct one.

Nothing unusual happened until 8th questions popped up on the screen. The question was, “Which among the following is the most corrupt party ever formed?” and the options were, “a.) Indian National Congress b.) Bhartiya Janta Party c.) Trinamool Congress d.) Akali Dal”.

“All”, replied Kejriwal emphatically without thinking even for a split-second. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the luxury of selecting more than one option unlike in IIT-JEE. Firm on his answer Kejrwal refused to go for any single answer and finally decided to go for Phone of friend. Expert’s advice was never an option as Kapil Sibbal was the expert on-line.

Kejriwal desperately seeking answer called his own help-line number that was busier than Mumbai Locals. Then, Somnath Bharti’s number was tried but he couldn’t receive the call. He was, reportedly, conducting a raid on his own house after being denied by Delhi Police to raid an alleged drug and sex racket. Kejriwal felt helpless and decided to quit the game-show.

“If you were to select an option which one would it be?” asked Amitabh Bachchan.

“All”, Kejriwal replied.