What are the steps in a project execution? Day 3 of HR conclave gave us an insight on the steps or processes included in project execution. As a leader, how well should one plan your project and for its shortcoming if required.

The steps comprises of  Work Breakdown Structure, Project Schedule,Resource Management Plan, Risk Management Plan,Quality Management Plan to name a few .

Day 3 also explained to us on the traits of a being a good leader and how one should shape their character to become one.

Letting go of all emotions or egos with your fellow mates and timely resolving of the same among your team members, take risk and be accountable for your choices, courage to deal with ambiguity of the choices/decisions that has been made ; being some of them. Good leader should have strong vision about the future and should begin by providing the eventual outcome of leading vision through reality. The last but not the least is where you are able to gain trust of your employees. The same can be achieved by standing by your people in times of crisis and being unbiased

With more food for thought to us students, the final day concluded with everlasting memories thus giving us exposure to real experiences in the industry and most importantly the guiding way towards becoming a successful leader

Shri Deepak Chawla(CHRO,Reliance Infrastructure) delivering his views on leadership.This was followed by sessions from Shri Rajendra Mehata(CHRO,DHFL), Shri C.Choudhary(COO,Amp) and Shri Varun Goel(Senior HR executive, BHEL)

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