Identifying your Identity!

There are moments of truth in one’s life when your are involuntarily willing to sneak deep into your heart to look up for a definitive reason for your existence.Yes ,that moment when you choose to reason your identity,question your beingness or justify your existence.This defining moment is a manifestation of realization of one’s shortcomings,lapses,backslidings or failure to up oneself commensurate with one’s expectations.

People are in a mad rush to wear brands which are socially-accepted and universally-applauded without even bothering about their personal obsession for it.People wish to standardize themselves in accordance with society’s definitions and universal acceptance.Little do they realize that every DNA is distinct and so is everyone’s definition and rationale behind their being.People scramble to bracket themselves within a specific domain so as to evade academic ostracism.You just winded up with the 10th Boards and what next!Of course, you join the science bandwagon ,if not science,you are worthless in India,after all,you have to earn a decent living! Arts stream is for those who can afford to air their USELESS political,social,economic,cultural opinions while sipping their evening tea.Post 12th exams,you are bound to get hooked to that E-word (males) or the D-word (females),if i am not mistaken.Most of you who would be reading this article must have had underwent an academic turmoil in a similar fashion and yes,i am one of those souls.

People forget that everyone is special and distinct in his own way(Remember TZP’s Nikumb Sir,who proved it!).But,very few of them actually identify that spark and work on how to intensify its glow.Most of them are busy extinguishing that flicker ,leave alone flaming it.People good at writing end up checking transformer oil in factories,some good at designing find themselves playing with lives inside the OT(Operation theater),others adept in culinary art are found managing mundane managerial affairs.Where are we going? Infact,we tend to board a bus to doom which promises a heavenly journey.The need is to obsessively find out a passion in our lives.Because,you need to be hooked to one such mania in your life because it pushes you to breach benchmarks and scale new highs.

Find out your own definition bro.You are unique and so should your destiny be.Don’t look out for success,instead find excellence-because success is like one-night-stand,excellence is like consummation (open-ended analogy)!


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